FREE Gold Emblem Sparkling Water – H(app)iness App Offer

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FREE Gold Emblem Sparkling Water …

gold emblem sparkling water

FREE Gold Emblem Sparkling Water!

It's Sunday and that means another H(app)iness offer from CVS. The offers can differ between users but check for for a FREE 17-oz. bottle of unsweetened sparkling water! Coupon expires expires 7-17. 

To find yours, open the CVS app and click on “deals”. Scroll down until you see your offer and then click “send to card”

If you're not familiar with the H(app)iness event head over here and checkout our post. 

Click here to grab the CVS app if you don't have it already. 

CVS Tip – Remember, if the shelves are empty when you get there ask for a raincheck. They never expire and you'll always get your ExtraBucks no matter how long it takes to get more in.

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Happy Shopping!

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