Everything’s NO LONGER Just a Dollar – Say it Isn’t so Dollar Tree!

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Everything's no longer a dollar at Dollar Tree …

everythings no longer a dollar at dollar tree

Everything's NO LONGER Just a Dollar at Dollar Tree! 😥

From now on when shopping Dollar Tree, you won't be able to just throw things into your cart expecting to pay a dollar.  You'll have to pay attention to the signage on the shelves to know how much you'll be paying at the register!

NOTE: Not all Dollar Tree stores may do this, but several here in Oklahoma City have already made the change. 

party cups at dollar tree

While it looks like most of the $1.00 items we come to know and love will still be available, Dollar Tree is lining their shelves with items priced $3 to $5. You'll see “Dollar Tree Plus” signage on all the new higher priced items. 

Some of these prices in our opinion are not that much cheaper than Walmart. Here's a rundown on a few of the new items we found.  

Pet Department:

Meow Mix dry cat food 3-lb. bag $4.00
*compare to Walmart price $3.98

Purina Cat Chow Indoor dry food 3.15-lb. $5.00
*compare to Walmart price $5.32

Purina Beggin' Strips 6-oz. $3.00
*compare to Walmart price $2.84

Milk-Bone dog biscuits 19-oz. $3.00
*compare to Walmart price: $2.96

Pedigree Small Dog dry food 3.5-lb. bag $5.00
*compare to Walmart price: $5.28

Household Products :

foam plates dollar tree

Homeline foam plates 110-ct. $3.00
*compare to Walmart price for Great Value foam plates 100-ct. $4.22

Party Cups 18-oz. 50 ct. $3.00
*compare to Walmart price for Great Value party cups 18-oz. 50ct. $2.56

Homeline paper plates 40-64 ct. $4.00 – great plates like Dixie!
*compare to Walmart price for Dixie 45-ct. plates $4.97

angel soft bath tissue at dollar tree

Angel Soft Big Roll bath tissue 12-rolls $5
*Big Rolls not found at our Walmart

Scott 1000 sheets 4-rolls $4.00
*compare to Walmart price of $3.27

Remember when shopping Dollar Tree:

  1. Dollar Tree only accepts a total 2 printable coupons total per DAY
  2. Dollar Tree limits 4 identical coupons per shopping trip.
  3. Inventory differs per store

Dollar Tree Coupon Policy HERE

Did you know you can shop Dollar Tree online and get FREE shipping with in-store pickup? Check it out HERE.
Be aware that there are minimum purchase quantities on most items when ordering online. BUT if you were gonna stock up anyways …

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