Cheap Metro Homeland Finds – .09 Cool Whip,.50 Jet Puffed Marshmallows and More!

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Headed to Homeland today to see what deals I could find using the new Kraft coupons. Here's the deals I came up with:

Cool Whip $1.09 thru 12-29
Use $1.00 off two KRAFT COOL WHIP Whipped Toppings
Final price: 2/.18 (.09 each!)

Jet Puffed Mini Marshmallows $1.00 thru 12-29
Use $0.50 off two KRAFT JET-PUFFED Marshmallows
Final price: 2/$1.00 (.50 ea.)

Kraft Dressings $1.99 thru 12-29
Use $1.00 off two KRAFT Dressings, 16 oz
Final price: 2/$1.98 (.99 ea.)

Velveeta Shells & Cheese $2.29 thru 11-6
Use $1.00 off two VELVEETA Shells & Cheese Dinners
Final price: 2/$3.58 ($1.29 ea.)

Jello Refrigerated Snacks 4-pk $2.19 thru 12-29
Use $1.00 off 2 JELL-O Pudding or Gelatin Snacks, 4pk
Final price: 2/$2.36 ($1.19 ea.)

Oscar Mayer Lunchables $2.49 thru 11-6
Use $1.00 off two LUNCHABLES Lunch Combinations
Final price: 2/$2.98 ($1.49 ea.)

Kraft Shredded Cheese 8-oz. $2.59 thru 12-29
Use $1.00 off two KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese
Final price: 2/$3.18 ($1.59 ea.)

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