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Coupon Doubling: How to Read Your Homeland & Country Mart Receipt

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We've had a few questions lately on how to tell if a coupon doubles at Homeland/Country Mart by looking at the receipt.  Hopefully we can answer that question with this post.

  • First of all you need to know that all coupons are doubled and taken off at the end of your transaction after everything is rung up. That means you'll find all that at the very end of the receipt and NOT after each item you purchase.
  • You'll only see the amount of the coupon listed ($1.00, .50 etc.) on your receipt and it will be listed TWICE. Once as “MC scanned coupon $$ -F” and once as “SC multiplied coupon $$ – B”. For example: scanned coupon $1.00 -F and multiplied coupon $1.00 – B. That means your coupon was scanned, then doubled. You should see that for EACH coupon that is allowed to double
  • Count your coupons before you head to the store so you'll know how many you have that should double. Then if you're not sure if all your coupons doubled, look at your receipt and count how many “SC multiplied $$ -B” you have listed. If you had 5 coupons that were supposed to double, you should have 5 “SC multiplied $$ -B” listed at the bottom of your receipt.
  • MC stands for “manufacturer's coupon” and SC stands for “store coupon” in case you were wondering. The doubled part of the coupon is considered a store coupon (SC) and is NOT refunded to the store by the manufacturer.

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