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Homeland & Country Mart Matchups 10/4 – 10/10

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Homeland has given us permission to post the ad in it's entirety, so now we'll be able to include it as part of our weekly matchups – YAY!

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Here's your Metro Homeland and Country Mart matchups – Happy Shopping!

This week we have a “buy 2 and get 3 more free” sale.  There are no prices listed in the ad so I'm using the prices on Homeland's website.  Prices at your location may be slightly different so keep that in mind.

  • Coupons can be used on the free items – no overage is given.
  • More than one of the same deal can be done per transaction.
  • Original prices on products will be used – if it's currently on sale that price will not apply.

Select Dole salads – prices start at $2.49**
*Look for .75/1 tearpad coupons in the produce section
Final price: 5/$4.98 ($1 each) OR 25¢ each if you find the coupons!

Red Gold tomato sauce 8-oz. 65¢ B2G3 Free
Final price: 5/$1.30 (26¢ each)

Libby's crushed, chunk or sliced pineapple 20-oz. $1.99**
Use $1.00/3 printable here 
Final price: 5/$2.98 (59¢ each!)

New York Texas Toast Garlic Butter or Seasoned croutons $1.79 B2G3 Free**
Final price: 5/$3.58 (71¢ each!)

Gatorade Fuel bars – Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin 2.1 oz. $1.79 B2G3 Free
Final price: 5/$3.58 (71¢ each!)

Dippin' Stix (produce section) 2.75 oz. $1.79 B2G3 Free**
Final price: 5/$3.58 (71¢ each!)

Best Choice frozen veggies – corn, green beans, broccoli cuts or mixed veggies 16 oz. $1.99 B2G3 Free**
Final price: 5/$3.98 (79¢ each!)

Hiland dip or sour cream 16-oz. $2.79 B2G3 Free**
Use (2) .50/1 printables here – first coupon will double
Final price: 5/$4.08 (81¢ each!)

If you have access to more than one computer or can print from your phone, tablet etc. to get more coupons do this:

Hiland dip or sour cream 16-oz. $2.79 B2G3 Free
Use (5) .50/1 printables here – first coupon will double
Final price: 5/$2.48 (51¢ each!)

Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Bars $3.59 B2G3 Free**
Use (2) $1.00/1 Kelloggs Rewards member coupons – cost 850 points
Final price: 5/$5.18 ($1.03 each!)

Country Crock spread 15-oz. $2.69 B2G3 Free**
Final price: 5/$5.38 ($1.07 each!)

Keebler Town House crackers $3.99 B2G3 Free
Use (2) $1.00/1 – Kelloggs Rewards members coupon – cost 850 pts.
Final price: 5/$5.98 ($1.20 each)

Totino's pizza rolls 40-ct. $4.29**
Use (2) $1.00/2 SS 8-13 (exp. 10-7)
Final price: 5/$6.58 ($1.31 each!)

Oscar Mayer meat bologna or cotto salami 16-oz. $3.29
Final price: 5/$6.58  ($1.31 each)

General Mills Honey Nut  or Multi-Grain Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Trix,  Cocoa Puffs, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch  $4.49 B2G3 Free** 
Use (2) $1.00/2 printable here 
OR $1.00/3 SS 9-24 (exp. 10-21), SS 9-10 (exp. 10-21)
OR $1.00/3 any Cheerios SS 9-10 (exp. 10-21)
Final price: as low as 5/$6.98 ($1.39 each)

Oscar Mayer chopped ham or smoked turkey lunchmeat 16-oz. $4.39
Final price: 5/$8.78 ($1.75 each)

Sargento Deli Slices $4.99 B3G2 Free
Use (2) .60/2 SS 8-27 (exp. 10-8)
Pay: 5/$8.78 ($1.75 each)
Submit receipt for  TWO .75/1 Checkout51 rebates (Wed. only) – but may reset (limit 3)
Final price: 5/$7.28 ($1.45 each)

Eckrich Lil Smokies 10-14 oz. $3.99 B2G3 Free**
Submit receipt for .55/1 any Eckrich smoked sausage rebate – Checkout51 rebates (Wed. only) – but may reset (limit 1)
Final price: 5/$7.43 ($1.48 each!)

Quilted Northern 6-pk double roll (= 12 reg. rolls) bath tissue B2G3 Free $5.69**
Use (5) .50/1 RP 9-24 (exp. 10-21) – first coupon will double
Final price: 5/$8.38 ($1.67 each or 14¢ per reg. roll!)

Other Deals:

Pillsbury Grands! biscuits 8-ct. $1.25**
Use $1.00/2 printable here
Final price: 2/$1.50 (75¢ each!)

Werthers Caramel Popcorn 6-oz. $2.00**
Use $1.00/1 SS 9-17 (exp. 11-30)
Final price: $1.00!

Del Monte fruit cups 2-4 ct. $2.39
Use $1.50/2 SS 8-6 (exp. 10-14)
Pay $3.28
Submit receipt for $1.00/2 Del Monte Fruit & Chia Checkout51 rebate thru 10/4 (may reset)
Final price: as low as 2/$2.28 ($1.14 each)

Juicy Juice 100% juice 8-10 ct. $2.50**
Use $1.00/1 SS 8-20 (exp. 10-9)
Final price: $1.50 (as low as 15¢ per box!)

Wish Bone dressing 12-15 oz. $2.00
*EVOO, or Ranch, Italian , Bleu Cheese 
Use $1.00/2  SS 8-20 (exp. 10-31)
Final price: 2/$3.00 ($1.50 each)

Campbell's Chunky Soup 18.6 – 19 oz. $2.00
Use $1.00/4 printable here
Final price: 4/$7.00 ($1.75 each)

Kelloggs Apple Jacks, Corn Pops or Froot Loops $2.50**
$1.00/1 Apple Jacks printable here = $1.50
$1.00/1 Corn Pops printable here = $1.50
$1.00/2 Corn Pops, Apple Jacks or Krave printable here = $2.00 each
$1.00/2 Corn Pops  printable here = $2.00 each
.40/1 Fruit Loops printable here = $1.70
$3.00/5 any Kelloggs cereals printable here = $1.90 each
Final price: as low as $1.50!

Pillsbury Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls 8-ct. $2.29
Use $1.00/2 printable here
Final price: 2/$3.58 ($1.79 each)

Post Great Grains cereal (select varieties) $2.79**
Use .50/1 printable here
Final price: $1.79

Sunbelt Bakery value pack bars 15-ct. or granola cereal $2.85
Use .55/1 SS 10-1 (exp. 12-31) OR SS 8-20 (exp. 10-30)
Final price:  $2.30


  • bananas 49¢/lb.
  • J&M whole mushrooms 8-oz. $1.49
  • red, green or black seedless grapes $199/lb.
  • Ocean Spray cranberries 12-oz. $1.99
  • potted herbs 6 inch $8.99

Organic produce:

  • sweet mini peppers 16-oz. $2.99

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