Homeland: Great Deal on Memory Lane Hormone Free Milk!

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Our reader Jillian S. gave us the heads up on Memory Lane milk at Homeland. It's free of artificial hormones and according to Jillian tastes great!

The 1/2 gallon price of $3.99 is a little high BUT if you wash out the glass container and return it to Homeland you'll receive $2.50 back! That makes the milk just $1.49 or $2.98 for a gallon if you buy 2. Under $3.00 a gallon for milk is pretty good, especially when it's a high quality and artificial hormone free! If your family drinks a lot of milk you might want to give Memory Lane a try.

Since this is a fairly new product it might not be in all stores yet but it's worth a look see when you're shopping this week.

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Thanks Jillian!

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