Unadvertised Homeland & Country Mart Deals This Week!

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unadvertised homeland

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Here’s your unadvertised Homeland deals this week.  These prices will be good until the coupon expires or Homeland changes their price.

If you don’t see the price cut advertised at your location be sure and have the cashier scan the product –  they may haven’t gotten around to putting up the signs yet :) 

Please Note: This is an ongoing post, every week we will delete expired deals and add the new ones in. You won't need to look for previous posts as this one will have all the current deals!

New Deals:

Puffs white facial tissue 96-ct. $1.29
Puffs tissue 56-ct. cube boxes $1.59

Use .50/1 P&G 10-28 (exp. 11-10)
Final price: as low as 29¢ after doubled coupon.

Colgate toothpaste (select) $1.49 thru 12-29
Use .50/1 printable here
Final price: 49¢ after double coupon!

Gain dish soap 21.6 oz. $2.25
Use .50/1 P&G 10-28 (exp. 11-10)
Final price: $1.25 after doubled coupon – awesome price for size!

Ajax dish soap 28-oz. $1.99
Use .25/1 SS 10-28 (exp. 11-11)
Final price: $1.49 after double coupon!

Nine Lives 4-pk wet food $2.19
Use .25/1 RMN 10-28 (exp. 12-31)
Final price: $1.69 (42¢ per can)


Be sure and check out this section every week to save big on groceries!

Cream of Wheat 3-ct. $1.00
*check the $1.00 aisle
Use $1.00/2 printable here
Final price: 2/$1.00 (50¢ each)

Muir Glen organic tomato paste 6-oz. $1.59
Use .50/1 printable here
Final price: 59¢

Pillsbury Grands Jrs. 5-ct. 99¢
Use $1.00/3 any Pillsbury SS (#1) 10-7 (exp. 12-22)
Final price: 3/$1.97 (66¢ each!)

Junior Caramels 4.5 oz. (hanging with the Brach's candy) $1.79
Look for .50/1 peelie coupon on packs
Final price: 79¢!

Mrs. Cubbisons croutons $1.29 thru 5-2019
Use $1.00/2 printable here
Final price: 2/$1.58  (79¢ each)

Jolly Time Healthy Pop 3-ct. $1.89 thru 9-9-19
Jolly Time Simply Pop 4-ct. $1.89 thru 9-9-19
Use .50/1 SS (#2) 9-30 (exp. 11-30)
OR $1.00/2 printable here
OR .75/1 Simply Popped SS (#2) 9-30 (exp. 11-30)
Final price: as low as 89¢ with doubled 50¢ coupon!

Dole Crushed Pineapple 8-oz. $1.19
Use .50/3 SS (#1) 9-9 (exp. 10-31)
OR use .75/2 printable here
Final price: as low as 2/$1.63 (81¢ each)

Old London bread crumbs $1.59
Use .75/1 printable here
Final price: 84¢

Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup, Tomato soup, Chicken Noodle or Cream of Mushroom $1.19 (long term sale)
Use .40/4 any Campbell's SS 9-16 (exp. 11-16)
Final price: 4/$3.96 (99¢ each) after doubled coupon

Buy Land O Lakes $1.99 thru 11-26
Use .50/1 printable here
(click on “tub butter” from the brand drop down box to find it fast)
Final price: 99¢!

Yoplait Oui yogurt $1.59
Use .30/1 printable here
Final price: 99¢

Barilla Blue Box Pasta  $1.29 (long term sale)
Use .55/2 RMN (#2) 9-9 (exp. 11-4)
Final price: 2/$2.03 ($1.01 each)


Here you'll find deals on items such as dish soap, storage bags, paper towels and more!

Hefty trash bags (select) 15-20 ct. $5.29 (long term sale)
Use $1.00/1 printable here
Final price: $4.29!

Health & Beauty:

If you find any Unadvertised Homeland deals we've missed, be sure and let us know!

Buy 2 Suave Professionals (excludes gold bottle) $2.19
Subtotal: $4.38
Use $3.00/2 RMN (#1) 10-21 (exp. 11-18)
Final price: 2/$1.38 (69¢ each!)

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