Using BOGO Free coupons at Homeland!

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I just received a question from one of our readers  “can you use a BOGO free cpn with a BOGO free sale at Homeland?” The answer is yes BUT there is something that probably needs to be explained before you head off to Homeland.

When Homeland has a BOGO Free sale the two items involved are rang up at half price instead of the first item at full price and the second one at zero.  So, if Homeland sells paper towels for $3.00, at BOGO free, they would ring up at $1.50 ea.

Since both items are rang up at half price, when you use a BOGO free cpn, one item at half price will be deducted.

For Example:

Starting Wednesday Old Orchard Juice will be BOGO free at Homeland and there is a BOGO free Old Orchard cpn available. Here's what will happen:

You put 2 Old Orchard Juices $1.89 ea. in your cart
At the register each one will ring up at half price ($.95 ea.)
You give the cashier your BOGO free cpn and $.95 will be deducted
Final price: 2/$.95 ($.48 ea.)

Because Homeland rings BOGO free items up at half price we don't end up with 2/free items like at the drug stores. But since Homeland rings both items up we can use  a cpn on each item or just buy 1 item at half price!

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