Who Says You Can’t Get Great Buys On Meat With Coupons!

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I often hear non-couponers complain “I don't coupon because there's never coupons for the things I really need like meat and produce”.  Well, I'm here to say it isn't so!!  There are several ways to save on meat (and produce) with coupons.  You just have to know where to look.

In Oklahoma we're fortunate to have Homeland Grocery stores that double coupons up to $1.00. Yesterday I was there scoping out the meat dept. and found several really good deals on meat using the $2.00/1 RRR Angus Beef printable and the $1.00/1 Always Tender coupon from the SS 8-1-10 insert:

  • RRR Angus Stew Meat $2.15 – $2.79 pkg.  ($.15 – $.79 after coupon)
  • RRR Angus Beef Steaks 3-pk – $4.25 – $4.89 pk ($2.25 – $2.89 after coupon)
  • Always Tender Ground Pork 1lb. $2.69 ea. ($.69 after coupon)
  • Always Tender Pork Chops 5-pk  $3.07 – $4.29 ($1.07 – $2.29)

Homeland will also reduce meat for quick sale ( makes many packs FREE w/doubled coupon) and some Homelands have a BOGO meat case near the front of the store where you can score some really good deals with both of these coupons.  Just remember Homeland will only double one “like” coupon per visit and you can only use one of the RRR per visit.  I always keep a small styrofoam cooler in my car so that I can make more than one trip in without having to worry about my food going bad.  I also have those insulated food bags ( sold at Walmart).  I put my food in the bag then put it in the cooler.

If you don't have a Homeland you can still save on meat.  Many states allow wine to be sold in grocery stores (OK does not) and many times there will be coupon tags around the bottles for $1.00 off any pork, beef etc.  You do not have to purchase wine to use the coupon.

I've also found peelies on products such as Hambuger Helper that state “save $1.00 on beef, chicken, tuna wyb Hamburger Helper”  When you use these types of coupons you can also use an additional coupon on the product you have to buy. In other words you're using the save $1 coupon on the meat and another coupon on the Hamburger Helper.  This rule applies to any coupon that states “buy X- get Y free” or buy X- get $$ off Y”.

No matter what coupon I'm using I try and find the  cheapest pack of  whatever meat I'm looking for.  Most of the time it's a lot cheaper to buy 2 small packs and use 2 coupons than to buy a bigger pack and only use 1.  Even if I have to make two trips in I'll buy the smaller pack.

So the next time someone tells you, I can't save good money on meat using coupons you can tell them – yes  you can!!

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