BenGay FREE at Target too!

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Was at Target checking out deals for tomorrow's “Tuesday @ Target” and saw the price for BenGay Vanishing Scent was only $4.24.  With the $5.00 coupon it makes it free!  Now my Target has been giving overage for awhile now so it's a possible $.76 extra for the rest of your purchases.  The $1.00 coupons I use for travel sizes used to automatically adjust to $.97 when scanned (Quail Springs Target) but now they scan the full $1.00 so I'm thinking Target is taking the lead from Wal-mart and giving the full value of the coupon! I shopped at the OKC Target on 50th & North May today.

BenGay Vanishing Scent $4.24
Use $5.00/1 any BenGay printable
Final price: FREE + possible $.76 in overage!

TIP:  If you don't see it, try leaving the zip code area blank and the clicking the little arrow next to the zip box.  This will sometimes bring up additional coupons.  I found the $5.00 coupon under “Health Care” with no zip put in 🙂

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  1. Hi, thank you for notifying about this great coupon! I’m pretty much new to the whole couponing idea but I’m learning quickly. I had a question- does Target allow multiple print-outs so that I can buy multiple packages?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes Target will allow you to use as many manufacturer’s coupons as you want for items….however they may limit the amount of each item they’ll let you buy so that the shelves don’t get cleared. The BenGay coupon can be printed twice from each computer you have, even if they all go to the same printer. Because you are new and some don’t know this… can’t take the coupons you print from the BenGay website and then use your home printer to make additional copies. Each printable coupon (no matter where you print them from) has a unique serial number that’s tied to your computer’s IP address. No 2 serial numbers are alike so it additional coupons are printed using your scanner they will all have the same serial number. If the store sees coupon with the same serial number they won’t take them and if they get past the cashier they will be caught at the clearing house and can be traced back to whoever printed them 🙂

  2. The Target in Midwest City would only allow me to use 1 coupon. I had 3 total that I was going to use but the cashier insisted I could only use 1 per purchase. I tried to explain that I was purchasing 3 so I could use 3 coupons but she wouldn’t budge. I didn’t ask for a manager because they were busy. She said they were told that yesterday to only allow 1 coupon on like items.

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