*HOT* Bayer $10 Money Maker at Walgreens!

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 Photo Op: Thanks Frugal Finders!
Understanding Register Rewards (RR) *  Walgreens Coupon Policy

Mitchell from Frugal Finders shared his awesome $10 money maker on Bayer Aspirin with us and I'm sharing how to do it with you!

Buy $20 in Bayer or Aleve thru 6-30 and get $10 RR:

Buy 7 Bayer Low Dose or Chewables 32-36 ct. (start at $2.99)
Mix and match so you leave plenty for others
Use (7) $3.00/1 Bayer Aspirin 20-ct. + SS 6-24 (exp. 8-18)
Final price: ZERO (+ any applicable sales tax) plus get $10 RR!

(Thanks Frugal Finders!)

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  1. I wish I would have known about this yesterday then I would of bought 7 papers but thanks for sharing anyways. 🙂

  2. Only if you have 7 of those coupons. I only have 3 this week. I need more. Anyone know if places might still have the Sunday paper today that I could get?

  3. Tried this deal yesterday….it did NOT print a RR!! Manager said it had to be $20 before coupons.

  4. NOT a money maker when you end up having to buy 6 – 7 newspapers! Newspapers in South Carolina go for $3.00 each

    1. Mike,
      In Oklahoma you can get 2 Early Edition papers in a pack at Circle K for $3. I actually get the Sunday and Wednesday papers delivered for $10 per year. I also get coupons from my boss and my friends. There are other ways rather than buying tons of papers. Also, remember that you are buying the paper for more than just that coupon.
      ~Princess Karen

  5. I get coupons from my church family who don’t coupon. Ask your friends and family who don’t coupon to save them for you. And as Princess Karen said if you buy the papers you’re getting more than just that ONE coupon. You’re getting LOT’S of coupons to build your stockpile that will in the long run save you hundreds of dollars. Worth the investment 🙂

  6. I did this RR deal three times one of the times it went very very smooth no problem turned around and bought two big packages of wipes for free with my RR. Second time I tried at different location RR did not print the manager had to make it print and he said next time he is not going to do it. The third time I went to different location and the RR did not print manager said it is because the coupons dropped down the price and I did not spend the $20 she was very rude. Fourth time worked like a charm? Very wierd the only thing that was the same for the two failed RR is the stores had the new registers? The other two Walgreens were older Walgreens locations and had the older model registers? I don’t know why it worked there and not other two places? Very wierd. But, at least I got to do the RR three times and still have some coupons left over I have four unfortunately oh well?

    1. Melissa, it must be the something to do with the new registers….thanks for visiting more than one Walgreens so that you didn’t clear the shelves. We love it when our readers are considerate of others 🙂

  7. You could also buy 4 bottles of Bayer at $2.99 each and a bottle of Aleve for $8.49 Use four $3/1 Bayer coupons (from Sunday paper) and one $2/1 Aleve (online coupon) and pay $6.45 for the 5 items.

    Then get $10 back in RR so you make $3.55.

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