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Nexium, Zegerid and Zantac CHEAP at Walgreens

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There is a big Balance Rewards deal going on for Zegerid, Zantac, Nexium and more. If you spend $30.00 or more on select digestive meds, you will get 10,000 Balance Rewards Points (= $10). There are some great coupons to use from the paper or printable. When at Walgreens I saw some peelie coupons for $5 off Nexium, which is better than the coupons from the inserts. Check out the items and coupons below, and a couple possible deal ideas. 🙂
Miralax 17.9oz, Select Culturelle or Walgreens Super Probiotic 30-60ct, Walgreens Omeprazole or Lansoprazole 42ct $18.99
Zantac 150mg or 24ct, Lactaid 32ct, Imodium 18ct or 8oz $8.99
Gas-X 18-20ct, Rolaids 60-96ct $4.99
Nexium 24hr or Zegerid OTC Acid Reducer 42ct $23.99
Get 10,000 BR pts. (= $10) wyb $30
$1.00/1 Miralax 30ct+ printable here
$4.00/1 Zantac 24ct+ printable here
$3.00/1 Zantac SS 1-3 (exp. 1-30)
$1.00/1 Lactaid Supplement 32ct+ printable here
$3.25, $3.00 or $2.00/1 Nexium 24Hr product printables here
$3.00/1 Nexium 24Hr RP 1-3 (exp. 1-17)
$2.00/1 Nexium 24Hr RP 11-15 (exp. 2-8)
$1.00/1 Nexium 24Hr RP 10-4 (exp. 1-4)
$6.00/1 Zegerid 42ct SS 1-3 (exp. 1-31)
$5.00/1 Nexium peelie coupon in-store

Buy Zantac $8.99
Buy Zegerid OTC Acid Reducer $23.99
Subtotal: $32.98
Use $4.00/1 Zantac 24ct+ printable here
AND $6.00/1 Zegerid 42ct SS 1-3 (exp. 1-31)
Final price: pay $22.98 at Wags + get 10,000 BR pts. + 320 ED pts.
*That’s like paying $12.66 for both!

Buy Nexium 24 Hr $23.99
Buy Zantac $8.99
Subtotal: $32.99
Use $4.00/1 Zantac 24ct+ printable here
AND $5.00/1 Nexium peelie coupon in-store
Final price: pay  $23.98 at Walgreens + get 10,000 BR pts. + 320 ED pts.
*That's like paying $13.66 for both

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