*Update* on the $.08 Sweetarts at Walgreens!

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Understanding Register Rewards (RR) *  Walgreens Coupon Policy

If you've had trouble finding the packaged large Sweetarts in stock I tried the rolls today and it worked. I bought 6 rolls and out popped a catalina cpn for $1.00/6 Wonka Sweetarts! If you can find the $1.00/2 any Wonka tearpad cpns that are floating around you can save from the very start instead of having to pay $1.50 on your first six.

Transaction #1

Buy 6 Nestle Wonka Sweetarts Rolls or 4-packs of large Sweetarts $3.00
Use $.75/3 Nestle Candy – Walgreens Dec. Cpn Booklet pg. 12 (will take off $.75 twice)
AND use $1.00/2 Wonka Candy – tear pad cpn
Final price: 6/$.50 (.08 ea.)  or $1.50 without tear pad cpn + get $1.00/6 catalina cpn

Transaction #2

Buy 6 Nestle Wonka Sweetarts Rolls or 4-packs $3.00
Use $.75/3 Nestle Candy  – Walgreens Dec. Cpn Booklet (will take off $.75 twice)
AND use $1.00/6 Wonka Candy Catalina cpn
Final price: 6/$.50 ($.08 ea.) + another $1.00/6 catalina cpn!

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  1. My ds 8 loves doing his own transactions when he can kinda roll things into the next one so tonight I let him go in and I waited at the front of the store, he got enough candy for 8 transactions and did them all on his own!! I didnt help even a tiny bit!! He rocked this deal. Says we better go back tomorrow since we have a coupon left LOL =)

  2. Yea, it’s not an rr it’s a coupon but you can use it and get another one each time. Sorry-didn’t mean to confuse anyone.

  3. It’s a catalina coupon…it’s manufacturerd by catalina and comes from their machine. Catalina’s are regular coupons as well as $$ off your next order. They can be either store or manufacturer’s coupons. Check out what catalinas are here: https://bit.ly/tC7Tf6 We received all of our information from Catalina as we have a working relationship with them 🙂

  4. Oh ohhh i see now, sorry i should have looked better at the picture… Thanks for clearing that up 😀

  5. Well said consumer queen! I think these types of things can be confusing…especially for those new to couponing…there are so many terms to learn. Lol, even seasoned coupon users are always learning with new policies and changes. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  6. thanks for this tip. I work at walgreens and ended up paying 3cents for 6 + 14cents in tax. Making it a 17cent purchase!!! Yay Consumer Queen!! 🙂

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