Walgreens: 2500 Bonus Points When You Redeem 10,000 Thru 12/29

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Now thru 12-29 when you redeem 10,000 or more Bonus Rewards points at Walgreens you'll get 2,500 points back.

Here's the way I understand it to work:

  1. Essentially you're spending $10.00 worth of points and getting back $2.50 worth of points.
  2. Using your 10,000 points on something that gives points will only earn you the 2,500 points and not the points associated with the deal itself.
  3. Using the points on something that will earn you RR should still prompt the RR to print (but not 100% sure).
  4. Must redeem your 10,000 points in a single transaction.
  5. Transaction will post to your account in 3-5 days.

If it were me, I'd play it safe and use the 10,000 points on something I really want (using any available coupns) that didn't involve RR or points. So essentially I'd be getting $10.00 worth of product (after coupns) for $7.50.

Buy Items Totalling $10 after coupns
Use $10,000 points ($10.00)
Final price: FREE (+ any applicable tax)
PLUS get 2,500 points (= $2.50)

If anyone takes advantage of this and you get RR back or something different occurs than what we've posted please let us know.

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