Walgreens: *HOT* FREE Gatorade deal confirmed for us Okies!

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For those who were wondering if the FREE Gatorade deal was working for us here in the OKC/Edmond area, I'm here to tell you it is! I just got back from Walgreens where I bought a 20-oz. Gatorade (fruit punch) and after I paid the cashier out popped a catalina for a FREE Gatorade Prime AND a FREE Gatorade Recover.  I went and picked up a Gatorade Prime and Recover, paid and out popped another catalina for a free Gatorade Prime & Recover!

Transaction #1

Buy 20-oz. Gatorade (any flavor)
Pay $1.79 + Tax (price here in Edmond, OK)
Get catalina for FREE Gatorade Prime & Recover

Transaction #2

Buy 1 Gatorade Prime $2.49
Buy 1 Gatorade Recover $3.79
Total: $6.28 – use catalina = FREE + get another catalina!

I guess you can just keep repeating transaction #2 until you've had enough LOL!

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  1. I did it twice and the cashier said they must have a problem with their machine and refused to do it again. For what I read in other blogs, most of the products are about to expire. Watch for that.

  2. Tried this today at the Walgreen in Chickasha. And rand into a couple problems.

    (1) The 20oz Gatorade was $1.99, while the 24oz was $1.79
    (2) No Catalinas printed when the purchase was completed using cash.

    I spoke with the manager on duty to inquiry and they provided a couple of reasons why it didn’t print.
    (1) Offer is expired
    (2) Used cash instead of credit
    (3) Its random, the printing of Catalina is random and they do not print everytime the product is purchased.

    The managers were super nice and we did scan the 24 oz and still no Catalinas. Even tried a different flavor of the 20oz and nothing.


    1. It may be over….I went today and used my Catalina that I had gotten previously and didn’t get another one after I paid. I had done this twice a couple of days ago (buying the same products) and had gotten another catalina each time.

  3. I bought mine in Ada on the 25th and my Catalina’s don’t expire until the 1st of Sept. I was wondering if Walmart’s coupon policy allows us to use these Catalina’s (which are marked Manufacurer CPN) at their store, even though these are from Walgreens and are for FREE items? I am afraid that I won’t be able to get to a Walgreen’s before the 1st & I got 12 Catalina’s that I don’t want to expire on me. Thanks!

    1. Probably not because the catalina is for a totally free item and Walmart doesn’t accept printables for totally free items. It wouldn’t hurt to try though 🙂

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