Check Your Walmart For $1.00 Clearance Items: Paper Jamz, Tech Deck, Green Hornet & More!

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While I was at Wal-mart this evening checking on some prices I noticed several shelves in the center aisle with clearance items. I was surprised to find so may random items (other than clothing) for just $1.00.  I shopped at the Wal-mart on N. Penn by Quail Springs Mall but I bet all Wal-marts are clearancing out similar stuff 🙂

Here's a few of the $1.00 Items I found:

Tech Deck Sk 8 Wheel with 1 Tech Deck Skateboard

Paper Jamz Drum Pedal

Green Lantern Battle Shifter Action Figures

GE Landscaping Halogen Light Bulbs (awesome price!)

4×6 Glass Picture Frames

Men's Gloves

Thermal Shirts

Digital Measuring Tapes

These Remington Stylers were only $5.00!

Those $1.00 toys would be a great edition to your gift closet or for donation! Let us know what you've found at your Wal-mart 🙂

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  1. i work at a walmart and ours has some stuff but its dwindled down now…walmart drastically reduces stuff before they go through inventory. i get a lot of stuff for cheap at that time of year but the stores go through inventory at different times ours was about a month ago.

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