Consumer Queen Featured in Walmart / Johnson & Johnson Coupon Book

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Watch your mailbox ladies and gentlemen. A new Walmart and Johnson & Johnson  coupon book could being landing in your mailbox soon. I was invited along with a few other moms to pose along with my son for a photo shoot for Zyrtec which is perfect because this has been the worst season for allergies for us. My daughter has even missed a few days of school because of it. I am very picky about what medicine I take because some medications make me jittery so I was excited to try a new product. When we got to Walmart to make our purchase there were so many choices but the first one that caught my eye of course was the Alka Seltzer  with a coupon on it lol. I remembered though, my experience trying regular Alka Seltzer and the taste was awful so I quickly put it back down. I can't take the Tylenol allergy products because they make me jittery. We normally use the Advil Cold and Allergy/Sinus medicine but it's a pain because you have to go to the pharmacy to get it. When we found the Zyrtec on the shelf at Walmart there were so many choices as far as count, size etc. They even offered liquid gels. We settled on the 45 count which was actually a bonus because we got 60 tablets. You can also find these on

This whole experience was so much fun we had a camera crew with us the whole day filming in our home and they were such a joy to work with. They had me laughing and giggling the whole time. You will get a shot of that in the coupon book. I was a little nervous about doing an allergy product because I knew they were going to have to film outside. We had a flood last year that destroyed our home as well as our yard and spring hadn't quite sprung yet.You can tell by the photos below. Johnson & Johnson had it all figured out though and they came prepared. First I let them rummage through my closet to choose an outfit. It needed to be solid and a bright color. They were so patient with us. Taylor has had experience being on camera but Ryan was going to be the star of the show today and he had never really done anything like this. If you know him though you would say he secretly inside loves to act and ham it up. He had a blast and he did such a wonderful job. He had so much fun that he wound up falling a sleep on the couch.

I want to thank Johnson and Johnson for using REAL MOMS in their coupon book. I hope to see more companies doing this in the future. Let us know if you get the coupon book.

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