FREE Holiday Layaway at Walmart – What You Need To Know #freelayaway

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walmart_layaway_with_shadowAs you may know, Walmart has started their holiday layaway and this year it's FREE! Walmart has announced that they have eliminated the fees associated with their layaway program and it will include price matched items!

Layaway is a really great way to make your Christmas dollars stretch. Being able to pay out over time allows many to buy more for their families without having to worry about large up front costs. Many people are on fixed incomes and this program helps eliminate the stress of not having enough money all at once to buy that toy for their children or grand-children.

Have your eye on a big purchase? Use #‎FreeLayaway and pay just a little bit at a time. Get something the whole family can enjoy!

If you're planning on taking advantage of layaway at Walmart, here's what you need to know:

  • All you need to do is make a down payment of $10.00 or 10%, whichever is greatest!
  • You must purchase a minimum of $50.00 in items to open your layaway account and each item must be priced $15.00 or more.  Coupons may be used to purchase your items for layaway as long as they don't drop your total below $50.00.

For example: You purchase 3 Nerf Items for $60.00 total and use (3) $5.00 coupons. Your total after coupons would be $45.00 and below the minimum for layaway.

  • Layaway began September 13th and all items must be picked up by December 13th at the same store where you opened up your account.
  • If you cancel your layaway account, you'll get a refund minus a $10.00 cancellation fee.

For complete details you can visit the Walmart LayAway Page or their facebook page.

Not sure about price matching your layaway items? Check out Walmart's price matching policy.

Walmart has announced that they have eliminated the fees for Layaway this year! My favorite part about the layaway program is that it is backed by ad match! Yes Walmart will price match during the holiday season just like normal, including black friday deals(not eligible for Layaway, I just wanted to let you know they would be doing it). They will be time sensitive and items much match exactly. If there are any changes I will update you as I get it. – See more at:

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