Holiday Clearance 75% Off at Walmart = Great Deals!

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Holiday clearance at Walmart! Our store is now 75% off and we found some awesome deals. Stores may differ on what they have on clearance but check your store for the following items

Here’s a few items we saw:


Large Felt Christmas stockings 98¢
ONLY 24¢ after 75% off!

Boxed Christmas cards 32-ct. $2.86
ONLY 72¢ after 75% off!


Gift wrapping paper 2.98
ONLY 75¢ after 75% off!

Christmas ornaments 18-ct. $3.27  
ONLY 82¢ after 75% off!

Christmas ornaments 18-ct. $4.98
ONLY $1.24 after 75% off!

Christmas ornaments (shatterproof) 26-ct. $4.98
ONLY $1.24 after 75% off!


Kid’s licensed Great Smile Set (toothbrush holder, toothbrush & rinse cup) $4.88
* Marvel Avengers, Disney Princess, Secret Life of Pets, Dory and more.
ONLY $1.22 after 75% off!

Kid’s licensed Wash Buddy ( body wash & soft microfiber mitt) $4.88
* Lion King, Dory and more
ONLY $1.22 after 75% off!


Pink or Teal pet stocking filled with toys $4.97
ONLY $1.24 after 75% off!

Here’s my personal favorite:


Prank Gift Boxes – I love these! A great way to get back at those nosey nellies who like to peek under the wrapping paper. You could also use them to pack Dirty Santa gifts or just use as a gag gift – endless possibilities!

The small boxes were 24¢ after 75% off and the larger boxes were 74¢.

If you find an awesome deal please share in the comments 🙂

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 Remember Walmart prices may differ but check yours for these money savers! Items listed may not be found at all stores.

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