Savings Catcher – New Walmart Savings Program!

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We posted about this last month and now it's live nationwide!

Walmart has rolled out a new savings tool this summer! It's an online program that checks competitor ads for items purchased at Walmart. It then provides e-gift cards for the difference in price when a competitor’s price for eligible items is less.

Basically, you'd make your purchase, upload your receipt and Walmart would check for a lower price and issue you a gift card for the difference! It's pretty simple you scan your receipt with your smartphone or you can even hand type the code in. It takes around 72 hours to get your savings back and your receipt needs to be less than 7 days old. Please note that bakery items ,store brands and items weighed like meat are not included.

At start up, Savings Catcher will compare approximately 80,000 grocery and consumables purchases. In the coming months, produce and general merchandise will also be added to the tool.

savings catcher

Melissa tried this out and the first 2 times she didn't get any money back. The other 2 times time she ended getting back a total of  .69.


While she was there shopping she found several awesome deals. I love that with Walmarts every day low prices I don't have to worry about if I am getting the best deal. Between the every day low prices, and the Savings Catcher app it's easy to save money.





Customers can also use Savings Catcher by entering their receipt number and date of purchase at You will want to download the app so you scan right from your phone. Did you know you can also submit boxtops via the Savings Catcher app? This is the way i prefer to submit my receipts because it's so easy to just scan the receipt.

Have you tried Savings Catcher? Let us know how much you have saved so far – I just earned 44¢ yesterday 🙂

You can see how it works HERE.

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  1. I was excited when I received 5.98 on the savings catcher however I can’t figure out how to get my eGift Card. I went to the site and it says it was sent to me at my email address. I never got it. I checked my emails, spam and deleted files, nothing. They had an option which said resend my card and I got a message that says your request can’t be fulfilled you don’t have an active savings catcher rewards e gift card. I finally sent a message to the “contact us” site and it said the message couldn’t be sent at this time. I’m really irritated at this point and have no idea where to go from here. Any ideas?

    1. Sonya, I’m not sure what to tell you as Savings catcher is so new and we haven’t had much experience with it. You might call Walmart customer service and ask to speak with someone that deals with savings Catcher. Let us know what you find out.

  2. I didn’t want to spend too much time on this without knowing if it really worked so I tried to redeem $1.90 the first week and an egift card was supposed to be sent to my email. I checked email and received nothing. I checked my app and says $1.90 has been redeemed. I tried to log in to and says it doesn’t recognize my email address. Not feeling good about this.

  3. same thing i had an issue of that too. it says like this ” your request can’t be fulfilled you don’t have an active savings catcher rewards e gift card.” any help?

    1. I believe you have to choose form of redemption before you can get your rebate money. Choose the e-gift form of payment then try to redemm your rebates. Hope this helps 🙂

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