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Ever Wonder Why Walmart Prices Differ From Store to Store?

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Why Do Walmart Prices Differ Between Stores?

why do walmart prices differ between stores

Why Do Walmart Prices Differ Between Stores …..

It used to drive me crazy when I'd see a post for a Walmart deal only to find that my store had a totally different price than the one I saw posted!   If you're like me, you've probably wondered why that is.  Well, Melissa and I sat down with our store's manager and asked why prices were so different, even between stores in the same city.

It all boils down to location, location, location!  If your Walmart is close to a Target or other competitive store then the prices will be lower.  The stores compete with each other for your business so the prices will be low.  If you live in a small town or if your Walmart is the only discount store around then the prices are going to be higher because there's no competition.

Some prices will be the same no matter which store you shop because they've contracted with a manufacturer for an across the board price.  This enables them to make the same amount of money no matter where the store is located.

This doesn't just apply to Walmart, it's the way most stores chains handle their pricing. We've noticed this in Target & CVS stores too. 

How does your Walmart stack up??

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