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T-Mobile Family Plans- Including FREE Netflix!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by T-Mobile. All opinions are my own. 

I hope you have enjoyed our T-Mobile series and have gained a little more information on the “un-carrier”, since I've written several blog posts about it and their features.  As we near the holidays and people are considering phones and lines for Christmas gifts, I am excited to share some info on T-Mobile Family Plans- Including FREE Netflix!

Just as a quick intro to the T-Mobile plans, they offer the following options which you might be interested in.  See below for more!

Disney Pandora family (1 of 1)

Plan Details Here:

Simple Global T-Mobile ONE:  As a customer with this plan you can get data and texting and in more than 210 countries and destinations.  This is ideal for those like my husband and I, who love to travel but still need unlimited internet access and need to stay connected.  I know as I travel, I don't want to worry about extra charges on my phone bill later!

Queen Mum and Melissa

The Unlimited 55+Plan for Older Subscribers is another option. Get 2 lines for $70 per month, which can be set up with AutoPay for less hassle.  Full terms can be found here.

For those with a member of the family in active duty military (including reserves), check out the Military Family Plan!  One of my team members here at Consumer Queen uses this option and they have found the service was a savings over their previous carrier.  Their favorite part- the free Netflix subscription!

Netflix TV

More from T-Mobile

 T-Mobile ONE subscribers with two or more talk lines and phones can get FREE Netflix, at no cost (including those on the military family plan)! Even better, it's the full Netflix subscription with no hidden expiration dates or fees.  If you already subscribe to Netflix but want to get in on this freebie, no problem! Just let your T-Mobile customer service rep know when you begin your phone service, and they set up to cover the Netflix subscription cost.  Be sure to refer to the T-Mobile website and your customer service rep for details.

Finally, for younger families, FamilyMode may be just what you're looking for.  Manage your family's internet usage with this feature available for any plan, at an additional $10/month.  I talk about FamilyMode in more detail on my post here.  For all deals in more detail, click here.

If you are considering switching to T-Mobile, I encourage you to head over to the plan page here and explore the different options.  I hope you find this post informative! If you have T-Mobile be sure and leave us a blog post comment or Facebook comment on what you love about your plan! Spread the word!

Additional Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by T-Mobile. All opinions are my own. 


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