Valentine’s Day is Almost Here – Shop Dollar Tree & Save!

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Valentines Day is Almost Here – Shop Dollar Tree & Save on Treats & More!

valentines day items at dollar tree

Shop Dollar Tree for Valentines Day!

Valentine's day is rapidly approaching and if you have several kiddos to buy for it can get rather expensive. Here's what we found at Dollar Tree to take the sting out of buying treats for your kids and their classroom buddies.

If you're looking for home decor or crafts, we've got that covered too.

Dollar Tree always has a great assortment of valentines. For $1.25 or $2.50 you'll be able to score valentines for the entire class.

If you're looking to combine treats with valentines, you may find these 12-pack cards + lollipop packs at your location. We found Shopkins, Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol & More!

Valentines Candy at Dollar Tree

If your kiddos are are a little older you may want to just go straight for the candy. We found several packs of name brand candy for bagging or to put in baskets. If you're looking for something affordable for the whole class, checkout these Charms Mini Pops and 8-pk SweeTarts conversation hearts all for $1.25 each.

Needing to bag up candy and/or treats? We found these cute 6-pack bags in several styles.

This was my favorite find! Grab these cute mailboxes to hold your kiddos valentines! I'm getting one for my Sunday School class to “deliver” valentines to my kids 🙂

Valentines Day Gift Boxes

We also spotted these really cute Valentine's Day gift boxes. Pack it with a gift card or gift plus some chocolates for that special person😍

Valentines Day apparel

It's always fun to dress-up for holidays and Dollar Tree has you covered. Pick-up socks, scarves, beads, head gear and more for only $1.25!

Hallmark Valentine's Day cards are only $1 (yes, just $1) so grab a few for next year too 😉

Like making your own valentines? Dollar tree has tons of craft supplies. Great way to spend time with your kids and a great teaching opportunity. You might consider making valentines and then delivering them to a local children's hospital.

Keep in mind, Dollar Tree inventory can vary between stores. You may not find the exact items we did at ours, but we're sure you'll find what you need and save some cash while you're at it!

Checkout these Dollar Tree Valentine Gift Ideas!💌💟💘

Remember when shopping Dollar Tree:

  1. Dollar Tree only accepts a total 2 printable coupons total per DAY
  2. Dollar Tree limits 4 identical coupons per shopping trip.
  3. Inventory differs per store

Dollar Tree Coupon Policy HERE

Did you know you can shop Dollar Tree online and get FREE shipping with in-store pickup? Check it out HERE.
Be aware that there are minimum purchase quantities on most items when ordering online. BUT if you were gonna stock up anyways …

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