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Zaycon Ground Beef Up to 25% Off With Code *EXPIRED*

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Nice Savings on Ground Beef!

This Zaycon coupon code is for Ground Beef, good through this weekend only.  Get 25% off 93/7 and 22% off 80/20!

Right now, choose between 93/7 and 80/20.  If you grill out often and use the meat for burgers, 80/20 may be a good choice.

If you're a fan of lean ground beef and tend to use more ground beef for sauces, casseroles and more, then 93/7 works great.  Click here to place your order.  See banner below for coupon codes.

The ground beef is sold in 40 lb cases. The 93/7 is regularly priced at $3.99/lb, so is $2.99/lb after coupon code.

The 80/20 is regularly $3.19/lb.  After coupon code, it will be $2.49/lb after coupon code.

The beef is divided into 1 lb packs for your convenience. Please note, not all items may be available at all locations.  Click here to shop.

Haven’t heard of Zaycon? They offer farm to consumer fresh meats, just choose your pickup date and time!  Items offered vary through the year.

Perfect for churches, large families, or anyone who likes to stock up on quality meat.  See details on website for order sizes.  Split with a friend if you need to.

I order their chicken all time and I bring it home and my husband and I do a whole day of meal planning and freezer meals. I usually come out with at least 20 slow cooker meals all ready to go!

Zaycon Fresh is a nationwide meat co-op, so even if you’re not located near central Oklahoma (where I am) you can still get these great and fresh products!  Here are a few pointers and details:

  • You can order your meat selection for a pickup date up to 14 months from now.
  • You must order meats in bulk, generally in 40 lb. cases at a time.  Many families will split a case, and this may be a good choice for you if you’re not used to the idea of preparing and/or freezing 40 lbs. of meat!
  • Sale offerings change throughout the year.  For example, fresh skinless boneless chicken breast is offered a couple times per year, the most recent being in February.
  • At the specified date and time of pickup, a refrigerated truck will arrive at your pickup location (you get to choose off the menu where you will pick up, when you order your products).
  • Most pickup locations are in the parking lot of a private business or organization.  My pickup location is a nearby church.
  • You drive to your pickup location, and their friendly staff will load your products for you right into your car.
  • You don’t have to get out of your car, just pull up in line and when it’s your turn just roll down the window and give the staff member your name and let them know where you would like your case loaded. They do provide plastic protectors so the raw chicken or meats do not damage your car’s interior.
  • Drive home with your order!

You can sign up to order from Zaycon Fresh here. Then choose the location that is most convenient for you to pick up your order.

Happy Shopping! More Deals Here!

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