Animal Birth Control Project (OKC Residents only)

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Animal Birth Control Project funded by the Petsmart Charities for 1 year*

WHO is eligible: All OKC residents are eligible for FREE spay and neutering regardless of income. Must be able to demonstrate proof of your residence.

WHERE are the surgeries performed: OKC Animal Welfare, 2811 SW 29th Street, OKC, OK, 73129

When are the surgeries performed: On Saturdays and Sundays by appointment

How to schedule: Call 405-316-3663 — Please leave a message with your name and phone number and they will return your call.

Additional Information:
*Surgeries are performed on cats and dogs ages 8 weeks and older.
*Rabies vaccination is provided free of charge.

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  1. Thanks for posting, but it would be good it your post showed a date, so there’s some context for the “year” noted in the deal.

  2. I have a two yr old and our spraying. There are so many cats running around this block that you cannot catch. And he does this quite often and its awful! My husband is trying to make me take him to the shelter so this is my only.chance to keep him and they wont call back!

  3. They called me back on a Saturday morning. Makes sense to me since they are in the office for sure on that day performing the surgeries. I originally left the message on Tuesday of that week.

    1. This was an informative post. We have no control over them returning calls. I would suggest you let them know. Personally I have not had a problem. If they called on Saturday couldn’t they schedule your pets surgery on another day?

  4. Just to let you know that the address for the OKC Animal Welfare and Birth Control Project is incorrect. The correct address is at 2811 (South East) SE 29th St., not SW (South West) as you have stated.

  5. it does take a while for them to call back but i have gone to them often. I find and resuce dogs than spay or neuter them before i rehome them.

  6. does anyone know what all you do are the animals dropped off do you stay there are do the have to be n carriers what all is required

      1. I actually did not own a carrier and put my cat in a box which she escaped from during the trip. I carried her into the office and they put her straight in one of their cages. I was able to purchase one of their cardboard carriers for $5 to get her home. ~Princess Karen

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