Are You A Papa John’s Reward’s Member? Here’s 15 FREE Papa Points!

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If you're a member of Papa John's Reward's you can score 15 FREE points just by logging in to your account here and then clicking on Papa Rewards. You should see a message at the bottom of the page that you have received 15 points that will show up in your account with about 24 hours.

It only takes 25 points to get a FREE Pizza so if you've got at least 10 points then it's a freebie for you! The points expire on 4-17 so you'll have to use them quickly.

If you're not a member, you can sign up free and start earning points for your free pizza. For every $5 you send you'll earn 1 Papa Rewards Point.

I signed up today and it gave me the 15 points but I'm not planning on spending $50.00 to get the additional 10 point before the 17th. If you're planning a party or family get together,  you might want to take advantage of the free 15 points, buy $50.00 worth of pizza and then redeem your 25 points for an additional pizza the following day.

You can freeze pizza you know – I do it all the time 🙂

(Thanks FreebieShark!)

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  1. Followed instructions, but 15 points did not show where offer stated they would appear. Sounds like a GREAT DEAL……………

      1. its really hillarious, all they look for is the “FREE points” and yet they dont look on when this post was posted. SMH seriously XD

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