Crayola Rebate

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A Crayola Rebate is available for up to $38.00.  This Crayola Rebate will require you to send in the original cash register receipt or the original online receipt.  These will need to be post marked by 1/15/13 and will require you to submit the original UPC symbol.

The rebate includes:

  • Digital Light Designer $5.00
  • Crayon Maker $3.00
  • Glow Book $3.00
  • Glow Board $3.00
  • Glow Dome $3.00
  • Jewelry Boutique $3.00
  • Color Wonder Light Up Paint Palette $3.00
  • Marker Airbrush $3.00
  • Sketcher Projector $3.00
  • Light Sketcher $3.00
  • Ultimate Art Supplies $3.00
  • My First Crayola Color Me a Song $3.00

These rebates are one per item per household.

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