CVS: Having Problems Using The 20% OFF Coupon On The Gillette Deal?

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I've had some readers email me about problems using the 20% off CVS coupon on the Gillette Deal. The coupon excludes sale items BUT NOT regular priced items that offer ECB.
The problem occuring is that the cashiers won't scan the coupon, they just refuse to take it saying it's sale AND promotions that are excluded.  They are definately wrong!  If you're having problems ask for the manager.  The coupon does not mention promotional items anywhere on it, just sales items.

I went to CVS last night and bought both sale items and the Gillette items (ones not on sale but still give the $10.00 ECB wyb $20.00).  When the cashier scanned my coupon the register automatically took off 20% the Gillette & Secret items that were regular price. It did not take 20% off the sales items I bought.

As you can see it put all of my sales items together and all of the
regular priced items together.

You can see the 20% discount at the bottom of this
picture – $6.26 which is off the Secret & Gillette products!

It seems the registers are smarter than the cashiers LOL!

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