Daisy Red Ryder BB Guns – A Christmas Story

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Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

This passed weekend Daniel and I traveled to Arkansas for my new job at Collective Bias. We met with a new client called Daisy. If you're not familiar with Daisy they are the company who makes the Red Ryder BB guns in the very popular A Christmas Story. If you know me very well, you know I am deathly afraid of any kind of gun. I told them how my son really wanted one and that my husband was all for it but this mama needed a little convincing.After my meeting with Daisy executives, I have to tell you mind was at ease. I was actually excited to go shoot some stuff LOL. They are very big on safety and gave me lot's of great tips.

red ryder bb gun

While we we're there, we brought in some local bloggers and their kids to try out the shooting range and get a chance to make their own Red Ryder BB gun.

The first thing I tried out was the BB gun or as Daisy calls it the airgun. Daisy had an inflatable shooting range set up for us to use and because I was so nervous my shots were all in align with each other just nowhere near the target LOL. After shooting the BB gun and felt more at ease and ready to test out something a little more powerful.

Here is one of my friends Heather from Passion for Savings getting her turn on the big gun.

Passion for savings

Passions for Savings

Passion for Savings

We all had a blast and we all left with a little more knowledge and felt safer and more at ease. Matter of fact, I wanted to shoot some more LOL. This year my family will be sitting down to watch A Christmas Story on christmas eve and I am sure you can guess what they will be opening on Christmas morning. Ladies, YES THEY DO COME IN PINK!

Disclaimer, I work for Collective Bias and Daisy is one of our clients but I as you know I am starting to share just a little more of what i am doing in my day to day life with you. As always my thoughts and opinions are my own. Each blogger left with their own Daisy BB gun.

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