Ever Wonder Why Walmart Prices Differ From Store To Store?

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It used to drive me crazy when I'd see a post for a Walmart deal only to find that my Walmart had a totally different price than the one I saw posted!   If you're like me, you've probably wondered why that is.  Well, Melissa and I sat down with our Walmart manager and asked why prices were so different, even between Walmarts located in the same city.

It all boils down to location, location, location!  If your Walmart is close to a Target or other competitive store then the prices will be lower.  The stores compete with each other for your business so the prices will be low.  If you live in a small town or if your Walmart is the only discount store around then the prices are going to be higher because there's no competition.

Now some prices will be the same no matter where your Walmart is located because they have a nationwide contract with some of their manufacturers.

Fortunately, my Walmart is close to Target and Crest Discount Foods so our prices are pretty good.

How does your Walmart stack up??

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  1. I’ve wondered! I keep seeing posts for Post-It products that you can get free at Wal-Mart using the printed $1.00 coupons on $1.00 products My Wal-Mart has them priced at $2.97-$3.97. They used to be on the other side of town, but this summer moved to a brand new Super Wal-Mart (which I love). I guess the manager didn’t get the memo that the move put them super close to Target!

  2. I just got a big lesson in the lack of competition in our town. I wanted to do the deal with toy story 3 and I get there with my coupons and the bundle pack the online coupon called for was repulsively high at a few cents shy of $30. I asked an employee that worked in electronics as he was stocking the movies and he said our Walmart, the only one within a 60 mile radius didn’t have the competition to keep its prices down and the stores within the 30 mile price match aren’t discount stores so the prices aren’t exactly friendly. I told him I would love to see a target move in to town and he said not to hold my breath since the manager of our Walmart sat on the board of commerce. Aaauugghh! So I decided to try and talk to someone whether it did any good or not. I talked to the manager of customer service and told her what I was trying to do and she said they just don’t do that ( mark prices to match stores that aren’t within the radius ) so I asked about using two different coupons because if I could use them both I could justify that mark up. She offered to ring up all my items and see if she could and she let me use them both. So I didn’t end up with the deal I wanted but I did get it half off and I can still get the rebate later. Just goes to show it doesn’t hurt to ask and talk to someone in management. She said she totally understood. And now I have part of my Christmas list done.

  3. That was pretty good thinking there…..I might have just left without thinking to ask about using multiple coupons. That’s a good thing to remember no matter what store you’re at!

  4. I think this is so unfair the people that need the lowest prices are usually near Walmarts that don’t have competition so they jack up prices. So sad the poor gets the bad end again. you usually find in these rural areas the poorest population who struggle to make ends meet. They go to Walmart thinking they are getting the lowest prices and Walmart ups prices in these rural stores. I found a 1.00 difference in a staple item. I put it back and walked out. I will never go there again.

  5. My Walmart is within 4 miles of Target and next to Aldie. My mom lives in a small town that only has Albertson’s and Brookshires b (besides Walmart). We both bought the same item at Walmart a 36 package of eggs. She paid over $2.00 more than I did. It’s sad.

    1. Hi Jae,
      Yep it’s all about location which is true with all stores. The closer a Walmart or Target is to a competing store the lower the prices will be.

  6. My Walmart is in a small town only store here prices suck very over price shelves never stocked always have excuses why not stocked hate the store it needs help it in Merrill Wisconsin

    1. The wal mart in my hometown is the same way..now the savings catcher is going away in may..well I think I’m gonna go away to Kroger! Wal mart is a RIP off!

      1. yes!

        it used to be known as price fixing and the criteria to prove it today is next to impossible.

        so know your prices and walk out if you think it too much.

  7. So I was out of town shopping yesterday and I stopped at Walmart by Target and Sam’s Club. I was able to purchase a pair of jeans for my husband for $13.50. When I drove across town to another Walmart i found 2 more pairs of jeans for my husband for $16.78. I asked them to price match the price for $13.50 and they refused. How can this be??

    1. Hi Tami,
      Unfortunately, most Walmart stores have stopped price matching completely. It’s up to the individual stores if they want to still price match other Walmart stores or Walmart online.

  8. Our walmart in boaz, alabama prices most item higher than other walmart stores nearby. I wish they would charge a standard amount across the board. I feel like our city is being gouged. Frankly, it makez me not want to shop there at all.

  9. Yep. 5 piece table and chair set. $40 at one Walmart and. $49 at the other and yes, the higher price was in a lower income level.

  10. So I bought this ‘camp cot’ offered me a gift card for $85

    Realized that I bought it from the other walmart nearby for $60


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