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  1. I’m confused. I was happy to read that you mostly post gluten free recipes, as my son and I are GF and I’m always looking for good GF blogs to start following. I clicked on the recipes section of the blog and on your name, though, and I’m finding all traditional wheat-based recipes — cupcakes, egg salad sandwiches, pasta dishes, etc. Did something change, or do you mean you just recommend using GF bread, GF pasta, GF flour mixes instead of the wheat, etc.?

    I try to avoid just making traditional sandwiches and pasta dishes, in part because of the high use of rice in GF substitutes and how much arsenic is in rice (see if you’re not familiar with the Consumer Reports study and why it’s such a problem for Celiacs) and also because for our family of 7 it’s just too expensive to buy lots of GF breads and such.

    If you can point me to a GF section or recommend other blogs, I’d much appreciate it! Thanks!

    1. Most everything that I make at home is gluten-free. Some recipes that I post are naturally gluten-free, such as the mini breakfast bites and 2 ingredient pancakes. Some things I just substitute GF flour in my recipe that I use at home. I think that it would be a great idea to add a section just for gluten-free. I will suggest that!
      I was recently selected to participate in a cook-along for Emeril Lagasse for his new sandwich book, which is very hard for gluten-free eaters! That’s why so many posts lately haven’t been directed toward GF.
      I hope you will continue to check our site for great recipes and tips!
      ~Princess Lacey

    2. We are going to be posting more of these recipes for you. My son is now on a Gluten free, dairy free, meat free diet by the doctor for health issues. I am going to start posting what I make for him. ~Princess Karen

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