I survived the 2010 Oklahoma Flood and all FEMA gave me was this lousy T-shirt!

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My husband tweeted this, this morning and since I was already doing a flood update I thought this would make an appropriate title. Yes, you heard right FEMA turned Oklahomans down. The government lets the flood insurance expire and won't let you buy it and then says too bad, so sad when something happens.  Not only that but a FEMA rep went into my neighbor's home and pulled out her checklist and said “MINOR” as she walked out!  “MINOR?”  He had over $60,000 in damages!! I am so sorry that it was such a MINOR inconvenience for you to come over and look at someone's home that has been destroyed. I was appalled when he told me this.  I hate that we pay our taxes, try to do the right thing and get nadda from the government when we really need it.  Some people are going to have to pick up and leave their homes behind.  It is so sad!

Update on us:

We now have sheet rock up and paint going on now.  We have spent our entire savings plus the money Monica raised just on clean up.  The cost was $9,000 and that was a discount! We have had such an overwhelming response of help come in from friends, family and brands. Thank you guys so much.We have only had one negative experience and that was with a local furniture store called Mathis Brothers.  We spent several thousands of dollars on furniture right before the flood including a $1500 mattress for my mom. We had been saving for a long time for this . We have bought all of our furniture from them. When Monica called me and told me her experience with them I couldn't believe it.  When she called and told them my situation the guy said “We don't do charity” Monica said that is fine I would just like to get the model #'s of the items she just bought so that other people can help.  The guy says “sorry she will have to come in to the store and get them herself. ” Monica says “Uhh dude her house is under water I don't think she will be coming in anytime soon, can I speak to a manager?”  Guy says “manager is to busy right now” It took 3 calls for them to finally release the model #'s.  Needless to say I will never shop there again and they lost a really good customer.  Not because they would not donate but because of their rude attitude and unwillingness to be somewhat helpful to someone who spends a lot of money in their store. When I got to talking about it with neighbors and even people not affected by the flood they all had negative things to say about this store. I have pretty much stayed positive through this whole thing and I guess I feel like I'm entitled to one rant LOL.

God has continued to work miracles for both my neighbors and I. It feels so good to help someone out. Sun & Earth  mailed cleaning supplies and we passed those out on Saturday to everyone. Colgate also mailed care pkgs for our neighbors! Fast Fixin' (work) took up a collection of GC's and cash which was huge a help. We spent the GC's on a new front door and a new shower head set.HayNeedle donated a Kitchen Table, yeah, we have a place to eat.I will think of them every time we say grace at our table now.

We still have to buy vanities for 3 bathrooms,fixtures,beds,front door,door to garage,put in flooring and finish up the paint. We still need to replace bedroom furniture, kids tvs ,video camera, Daniel's tools,weed eater,TV stand for living room, night stands in our bedroom,Closet cabinets in master,cookware,clothing,dog toys,and lots of items the kids lost like Taylor's CD/Karaoke machine etc.I am hoping we can save our home movies 🙁 We keep finding stuff missing everyday as we go to try and use it.

Check out the T-Shirts Daniel and I are making to wear above just to be funny.

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  1. I feel your pain. During the MidWest floods of '08 FEMA came out- our estimates? $60K our 'award' was $700. We jumped thru all the hoops, paperwork paperwork. We more than qualified for everything. We are still repairing replacing-every 'win' in my contest entering is one more thing replaced we lost, and it has been 2 years.
    Thats why I started entering contests – the first year was late '08 and a bunch was donated to Toys for Tots to help the kids.
    I had my fingers crossed for the freezers- I am still using an old junker that wasnt replaced after the floods.
    I pray for you all that you get help- it takes so long sometimes to get back to even close to what you were much less to try and move forward. You're so lucky to get sponsors to help, and it makes my heart happy to hear youre helping your neighbors.

  2. Please follow me on Twitter @lofolulu. My friend and I orgainzied a tornado relief donation drive to assist the May 10th tornado survivors. We were designated as a partner with American Red Cross. We still have many household items, furniture and clothing available. Tell me what evening this week you and your neighbors can come to shop the warehouse from 6-8pm. The leftovers willl be donated to various non-profit charities. Regardless of whether I hear from you, I wish the best in your recovery process. Lori

  3. Hey Melissa. Thanks for the update. It looks like you are helping a lot of people besides yourself and I love seeing that. I have a video camera you can have. It is the Creative Vado pocket video cam. It's small but takes good enough videos for your blog. It's not good enough for home movies I don't think. I bought it to give out on my site and then kept it and used it a couple of times. I don't use it and it's yours if you want it. Just send me a DM or email.

  4. Melissa…thank you for the update. Great T-shirts….but funny thing is that FEMA didn't EVEN give you the money for a T-shirt!! You will have to make it yourself.
    So cool that Serta is donating to help out!! I'll be needing a new mattress soon and will make sure we check theirs out first!! I love doing business with a company that actually cares about people!!!
    Also awesome that @Wilsonart floors is helping out!! I am sure your neighbor is thrilled.

  5. Melissa, when I saw the news that FEMA had turned down the flood victims, I literally wanted to cry and felt sick to my stomach. My heart aches for what your family and your neighbors and everyone affected by the floods is dealing with and I don't understand why you all were turned down. I'm thankful for the help you are receiving from brands and individuals but I know it can't make up for everything that was lost. Praying for you and if there is anything I can do, please call, email or DM me and let me know.

  6. I am so sorry Melissa i didn't know that fema turned down flood victims that is so aweful! I am praying for you guys! Chan

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