Kodak Pulse and Kodak EasyShare M532 Review-Walmart

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Now that I am working full time my the time that I have is very limited and very precious. I don't have a single minute to waste. I love taking photos of my family but they never seem to get printed and either sit in my camera or get downloaded to my computer. So even though I am taking them I never get to enjoy them.Walmart sent me a Kodak easy Share camera as well as the Kodak Pulse digital frame.


The Kodak EASYSHARE M532 camera gives you and your family a simple and hassle-free way to wirelessly share your family moments. With the push of a button, send photos instantly to the Kodak PULSE digital frame and to your Facebook page! My daughter loves that camera and she thinks it is super easy to use. (My daughter is 14) It has 14 megapixels and takes 720p HD video.It even has a fun photo booth option. This camera makes it easy for her to share on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter.She can even email photos she takes to her friends. However you must plug your camera into the computer and use the Easy Share software in order to send your photos when your done. It is available in 3 colors at Walmart for only $97.54.They also have a bundle set for only $99

The Kodak Pulse frame is Wi-Fi enabled.Just plug it in and it will give you prompts for you to follow to enter your network information. You can add photos to your frame through either the SD card, email, USB drive, or through the Kodak Pulse website.It stores up to 4,000 pictures. Thats a lot!I also love the collage setting. The 7inch is only $119.98 at Walmart or the Bundle for only $114. I can sit this on my desk and my Daughter can email me photos that she takes so I never miss anything while I am at work.She loves taking pictures of our dogs.Several of the moms had a hard time with setting up the frame because the software was outdated but all you need to do is update the software. I was confused at first as well but apparently my daughter is smarter than I am lol.

Walmart also sent me a Eye-Fi card which allows you to transfer your photos to social networking sites or directly to your computer.The set up was easy.Figuring out how to use it was a different story. While the camera and frame work well together.The Eye-Fi card was a little tricky for me.

I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart and has provided me with compensation for my time on this post and Kodak has provided the product. Participation in this program is voluntary. As always, all opinions are 100% my own


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  1. this camera is so confusing i cant find out how to set u the easyshare button to facdebook and i am geting ready to take it back if i dont find out soon i am so ready to throw the camera and computer at the wall!!!!!!!

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