Link to Receive Redplum Home Mailer

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Due to all the feedback on my home mailer post I thought I'd post a link where you can sign up to have the Redplum coupons maiedl directly to your home.  The home mailer will contain coupons from restaurants such as McDonalds, Long John Silvers, Taco Bueno, Arby's, Carl's Jr. and more as well as advertisements and coupons from area businesses.  The coupons you receive will depend on what's located in your area and which areas the companies are targeting.

Sign up HERE

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  1. Im having trouble getting on your mail list. It wont take my address. I put in the street address, them the apt # then it wont takr it. I leave off the apt#, wont take it either. HELP Please and THANK YOU

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