Making a restaurant coupon organizer!

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When I first started couponing many years ago I had an organizer similar to the one above. I have since moved on to bigger and better things but I still utilize a small accordian style organizer for all of my restaurant coupons.

This small organizer fits right into my bag or purse. It's with me all the time so I don't have worry about forgetting to take the coupons out of my binder before I leave the house.  If the grand-kids and I decide on the spur of the moment to stop at McDonalds the coupons aren't sitting at home on the counter.

What you'll need is a small organizer (I got mine at Wal-mart) with tabs for each restaurant you frequent. I recommend getting one with at least 10 pockets.  The one pictured above has 13.  I use small scrapbooking glue dots and put one on the back of each paper tab after I slide them into the plastic slots to keep the paper from slipping out.  Label one pocket misc. for restaurants you don't frequent very often.   Then all you do is clip and store….very easy!

You can always print tabs out on the computer and make them a lot neater but I wanted the writing to be big enough to be seen in the picture.

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