Mathis Brothers Furniture = BAD Customer Service

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So I should not have been so surprised when I walked into Mathis Brothers Furniture this week and received bad service. Last year when we were in the flood we bought all new furniture 2 months before the flood hit and it was destroyed. My friend Monica Brady tried to call and ask for the model #'s for the furniture so she could help my friends and family get it replaced. They treated her like crap and told her that I would have to come down in person. UM HELLO? My house is under water?

So this week we tried to use a gift certificate that the wonderful people at La-Z-Boy gave us for a promotion we did with them.(they have been so wonderful to us) We got to Mathis Brothers and I could already tell we were going to have a problem because our sales person had no clue what to do. The manager was trying to be as helpful as he could but it was a complete mess. I had the Lay-Z-Boy rep on one end of the phone and Mathis Brothers calling their supervisor on the other.

We thought we had it all settled. They took us around the store and helped us shop. When it was time to check out he took the GC to make a copy and gave us ours back. He then says look Im sorry but we have to wait till our Lay-Z-Boy rep comes in and he does not work weekends before we can let you use your GC. We can take your order though and then just deliver it on Tuesday, you just can't take it home today. I though no problem. So he gave us our recipts and our folder and told us he would call on Monday to schedule pick up.

I said OK but my husband is having surgery so you will have to call me on my cell because I will not be available this week and I want to get it taken care of before his surgery. So today flys by and no call. I call and get transferred to 5 people until I reached the manager Tyson (the one that helped me that day) He informed me that my sales person was supposed to keep the original and that he specifically told him to and that he was sorry that he did not do as he was told. He then proceeds to tell me that the sales rep said that I would be coming in today to bring him the GC? WHAT????? What part of my husband is having surgery today did you not understand? Oh wait lets back up when the sales rep told me he was going to make a copy of my GC he didn't. The manager said Oh he told me he didn't make a copy because he couldn't find a copy machine??????

So now I am working from home this week because I cannot leave my husband home by himself and I now will not get my furniture until I drive my happy butt back to Mathis Brothers and give it to them. So now because the sales rep did not do as he was told I will have to wait another week to get my furniture and waste even more gas money. OH! Did I tell you this was the 3rd time we had try to to come down and use this GC and no one could get it straight? YEP!!!!

I always try to go out of my way to tell a company when I receive good customer service and rarely do I blog about this kind of stuff but I just could not help myself this time. Enough was enough. Not only that but they admitted that they were at fault and still made me feel like crap and that I was not important.

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  1. I have not ever had good service at any of the furniture stores in OKC, unfortunately. They make it VERY hard to shop. I find that restaraunts are also terrible in the service department. I could careless if they give me a free drink or comp my dinner…FIX YOUR SERVICE!! They are totally missing the big picture.

  2. I’ve never had a good experience at Mathis Brothers! Unfortunately some things you HAVE to get there. We avoided that place like the plague!

  3. Tell me about it! We bought a leather loveseat there with the furniture protection plan, which is a joke by the way. When the leather started fading we took it in to be fixed. They painted the snags and said they couldn’t fix the fading. I got it back in worse shape then when I took it in. 100% dissatisfied!!!!!!!

  4. I have bought the 4 pack of tv trays at Mathis Brothers Furniture for the past two (2) years and within a few months they are broken. I know they were inexpensive but come on we are not table dancing on them. We are using them to hold drinks and popcorn while we watch tv. I am not getting them again this year. I am sick of wasting my money! ~Princess Karen

  5. One of the reasons I hate going to MB is because they follow you around like a stalker and won’t leave you alone…even when you need to discuss pricing with your spouse, they still refuse to stand under a foot away from you.

  6. We recently bought a houseful of furniture from Mathis brothers and luckily we had a good experience but we also had a wonderful saleswomen who did her job very well.

  7. We had a bad experience also a few years back when we went to purchase an entire houseful of furniture… I mean an entire houseful! They wanted to charge us over $800 for delivery. We took our business elsewhere and were completely happy with Neal’s in Shawnee. They have that old fashion customer service that seems to be going extinct. The furniture is high quality and they stand by what they sell. Mathis Brothers, on the other hand, don’t seem to have pride in what they sell.

  8. Agreed! Every time we buy something there it is damaged in some way!!!!!! And they are so obnoxious and pushy there. The company works their employees like dogs too. We went to Galleria Furniture and found a great deal on a bedroom set and we were not hounded or pressured. Excellent customer service there!

  9. I had good and bad! Good is my mom had a 1500 balance on her account and mysteriously it got paid off! Mistake maybe?? But were not arguing! Bad one is when I owed on my account they called my work, kept calling in my personal extension where the calls were being recorded and I got in trouble! I told them not to call again there and they didn’t. I hope that call WAS recorded!

  10. We have only had good experiences there. Bought a sectional earlier this year. They delivered it and set it up then we noticed the back of one of the pieces was broken. Called and they replaced it with no charge within the week. Just bought a dining table last month and everything was great! Guess we have been lucky!

  11. Thank you, I was thinking of going there for a dinning room set…but I want a smooth transaction, I think I’ll go somewhere else.

  12. MB for me was great when purchasing my furniture. However, their delivery teams, not so great. So many times I had to return items that they broke right out in front of my house taking them off the truck. I even had an Armoire that got scratched by one of the delivery guys and he was wanting to hide the scratch (this was a deep, very noticeable scratch) with a marking pen. But to top off the worse furniture company, I’d say that would have to be Bob Mills for me. Not only was his people rude, but our furniture for our living room is horrible. Spent way too much for it and after about 6 months, the pillow cushions on the back, as well as the seat cushions, have started/continue to fall apart. I wont buy from him ever again.

  13. I have had simalar experiences at Mathis Brothers. The first and only time I walked in to there store I walked by a group of at least 10 sales people. None of them even said hello. I turned around and walked out. I wasn’t till I started to leave did one of them say something to try to keep me from leaving. Haven’t been back since.

  14. Mrs. Garcia,
    I wanted to thank you for leaving this review. It certainly helps us know which areas we need to focus on.
    I certainly hope you will contact our representative so she can attempt to fix this issue for you.
    We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused and I would definitely like to have this resolved immediately.
    We appreciate your business and hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you!

  15. Sorry that you have to go through this bs. It seems that it is hard to find good customer service now no matter where you are. When I heard Levitz was going bankrupt and closing stores years ago, I was so happy. They had horrible service as well.

  16. Mrs. Garcia,
    I wanted to thank you for leaving this review. It certainly helps us know which areas we need to focus on.
    I certainly hope you will contact our representative so she can attempt to fix this issue for you.
    We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused and I would definitely like to have this resolved immediately.
    We appreciate your business and hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you!

  17. I appreciate you responding. My friend Karen is coming in today with my GC because I cannot leave my husband since he had surgery. She came and picked it up from me and will be coming in after she gets off at 2:00. I don’t mind calling and talking to someone but who do I ask for? I already spoke to a manager and that did not help.

  18. Awesome to Mathis Brothers Furniture for actually replying back! That says a lot. Always had good experience with you all, but I hope you resolve the issue at hand! 🙂

  19. When she comes in, let her know to come back to customer service and speak with either Jordyn or Shad. They are fully aware of the situation and will get it taken care of for you. Again, we apologize for the confusion of all of this and we are looking forward to getting it straightened out for you guys.

  20. AT&T is the absolute worst. Cindy spent many many hours over several months trying to get our phone service to work right and we finally told them to shove it and went to Verizon’s home phone service. Besides being less than 25% of ATT

  21. Besides being less than 25% of att’s cost (19.99 as opposed to 80.00 plus) it actually worked from the git go. We’ve had no problems since changing and we won’t go back to ma bell.

  22. For what it’s worth, I’ve had great experiences at Mathis Brothers and continue to be a satisfied customer. Salesman Randy Bartel is extremely competent, very casual to deal with, and demonstrates fantastic customer service. We live in the Dallas area and go up to the OKC store to shop whenever we need something. To be fair, I grew up in OKC and have family there so it’s not like we make a special trip. We shop the Dallas area furniture stores but the pricing and selection is almost always much better at MB. MB delivers to Dallas once a week and the delivery charge is almost always less than the amount we save by not paying sales tax. I’m not sure how that price/selection/convenience balance will change once the new Nebraska Furniture Mart opens down here with it’s just-announced 2 million sq ft facility in The Colony. I’m sure we’ll have to check them out. Maybe y’all will be coming down here for furniture instead. But their grand opening is surely a few years away. Until then, we’ll keep buying from Randy when we need something. He’s so great. I can text him what we’re looking for and he’ll text back info or snap pics with his phone and send them. It stinks that you had such a painful series of experiences with MB, Melissa. We’ve certainly all been there with products or stores in the past (ask me about my “high-end” LG dishwasher….grrrr). Just wanted you to know that MB at least has some people on staff who are awesome at customer service. And for me, when I find one of those people in a big place like MB, I tend to hang onto them and become very loyal!


  24. About 2 1/2 years ago I went to buy furniture at MB for our new home. I bought these armless couches at MB it was a four piece set. It was featured in there TV/theater room. We paid $4000. for these couches the seams started coming apart on one couch within a month..then within the next two years the seams started coming out of the couches one long chaise style couch we never even sit on…has a rip about 2 feet long on the top right in the seam.. I contact them but nothing wanted to be done about it. I bought a beautiful bed paid $700. that they set it up for me after they left i noticed scratches on the bed..I bought a day bed for my daughter paid $400 for and the trundle wheels dont work and the thin particle board fell out when we put a matteriss in it,,.It was the worst experiece ever…im going to go buy new couches and it WONT be from MB..Maybe those MB brothers should pay more attention to the quality of there furniture going out instead of how much money is coming in…

  25. It’s so bad, my brother drives out every few years to the Carolinas to the factory stores and gets what he needs and then rents a u haul trailer to get it back. Last time he flew out with his neighbor and they rented the biggest uhaul and a while house full of furniture.

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