National Coupon Month – Day 10: ?’s to ask your Grocer

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Have you ever found a new store and wondered if they took qpons or what their policy was?  Here are a few of the major questions to ask a grocer about their qpon policy:

  1. Do you have a written qpon policy?  If so, can I have a copy of it or where can I locate it?
  2. Do you take Internet Printed qpons? Can they be black and white or do they have to be color?  Is there a limit to how many Internet printed qpons I can use at a time?
  3. Do you double qpons?  When?  What is the monetary limit?  Do I need to have a card?  How many per transaction?
  4. Is there a limit to how many qpons I can use in a transaction?
  5. Do you price match?
  6. Do you have store qpons?
  7. Can I use a store qpon (if they have them) with a manufacturer qpon?
  8. Do you price match other stores?  Do I need to bring in the ad?
  9. Can I use a qpon AND price match in the same transaction?

Can you think of any questions you should ask a new store about their qpon policy?

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