National Coupon Month Day 9: BOGO Free Sales

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It's day 8 of National Coupon Month and we're gonna cover BOGO free sales.

Using BOGO (buy one, get one) free coupns & sales can be very confusing so let us try to

Many grocery stores when then they have BOGO  free sales items will ring them up half price at the register.  In other words, instead of ringing up the first item at full price and the second one at $0 (or taking it off at the end) they ring both items up at 1/2 price.  The registers are set to ring up all BOGO free items at 1/2 price no matter how many of the items you purchase.

This great because it allows you to use a separate coupon on each of the 2 items, saving a lot more money!  This is great also because most stores will allow you to just purchase one of the BOGO free items at 1/2 price. I do this when I only have one coupon for the item or I just want one item.

For example:
Say, paper towels packs on sale BOGO free this week and the cost of  each pack is $3.00. You put 2 packs of the paper towels in your cart and when you get to the register the cashier rings the paper towels up at $1.50 each. You have 2 coupns for $1 off the paper towels. The cashier takes off  both coupns and you get the paper towels for $.50 each!  Maybe you only had one $1/1 coupon for the paper towels, you could just buy one pack and the cashier would still ring it up at $1.50 and you'd get the paper towels for $.50 after coupn.

Buy 2 Paper Towel Packs $3.00 ea. BOGO Free
First pack is rung up at $1.50
Second pack is rung up at $1.50
Use (2) $1.00/1 Paper Towels
Final price: 2/$1.00 (.50 ea.)

Using BOGO free coupns with BOGO free sales will depend on your individual store.  Some will let you and some won't.   If they do you'll end up getting  2 of the items for the half price amount. Instead of getting the paper towels at Homeland for $.50 each, you'll get them 2/$.50.

Other stores like CVS will take off the BOGO free item at the end, will allow you to use 2 coupns (one on each item) or they will allow you to use a BOGO free coupon on a BOGO free sale!  That means you'll bet both items free!

For example:
CVS has Dove shampoo BOGO free – reg. price $3.99  (sale price 2/$3.99)
You have a BOGO Free Dove shampoo coupon.
You check out and the cashier scans your Extra Care card
The cashier will ring both items up at $3.99
She puts in your BOGO free coupon and it takes $3.99 off
She finalizes your transaction and the register takes off the remaining shampoo because of the sale.
You receive 2 FREE shampoos- just pay tax!

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  1. question if a coupon has no size or amount restrictions can it be used on the smalles size product. example Dollare General offers fiber one bar of 1.00 dollare and my coupon is for .40 cents off with no size restrictions can i use this coupon on this product or not.??

    1. Linda, as long as it has no size or amount restrictions on the coupon you should be able to use it on any size 🙂 Just keep in mind that stores have the right to refuse a coupon even if it’s a legit use of it (mentioning this just in case you get a cranky cashier LOL).

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