National Coupon Month – Day 12: Teaching Your Children to Coupon

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Ok… you have the Couponing bug and want to involve your children.  How do you get your children involved?

  1. Depending on your children's age you can have them cut out coupns for you.  I recommend you start with expired coupns to make sure they are not cutting off the UPC or the expiration date.
  2. If your children are older give them a sales ad, the list of qpons you have (from the preview we post here on ConsumerQueen,com), a printout of the deals you already know about (you can print out the deals we post) and then offer them half of the savings you would get.  For example if they find a deal we missed and it saves you $1.00 give them $0.50.  Princess Karen's son got very good at this.
  3. Find them qpons for things they use.  Princess Karen's oldest son (14) buys a Gamestop PowerUp Rewards card each year.  He then saves a percentage on every used game he buys and he earns points on all his purchases.  He then trades in those points for qpons that he uses on games.
  4. Make couponing into a scavenger hunt (This works well for older kids and helps them with their reading skills).  When Princess Karen takes her older children (14 and 13) on a couponing trip she gives each of them a stack of qpons and has them hunt for the items.  The description and size of the item is on the qpon so they just need to find it.  Since she frequents the stores she can space everything out fairly.  Whoever gets their items the fastest gets a prize (for example: gets to pick out the flavor of something  they are getting free).
  5. Princess Michelle likes to have her son (7) go on a treasure hunt.  When she's coupn shopping her son gets to find tearpads (only takes one coupn) and blinkie machines and gathers up the coupns for her.  He can keep them all in a plastic bag from the produce department.  It keeps him entertained and she can shop peacefully.
  6. Princess Michelle also has her son (7) keep his own coupn booklet for the items that he likes, ie Hasbro games, snack foods, favorite canned food items and even the fast food coupns that come in the mail.  Then when they go to the store it is his job to help her find the products he likes to eat using “his” qpons.
  7. Princess Michelle's son (7) also helps her go through her coupn binder and pick out all the expired coupos.  This also helps him learn the months and helps with attention to detail.  It also helps with fine motor control since anyone who has used the binder method knows getting coupons in and out of those pockets can be a trick sometimes.


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