National Coupon Month- Day 15: Coupon History

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It's wouldn't be national cpn month with out celebrating the history of cpns! From clipping in the newspapers to using your smartphone at the register, coupons have changed throughout the years.  Since 1888, manufactors still use coupons to promote their products and help their consumers save money.

National Coupon Month

Can you believe that one of the first cpns ever produced was a “Free” cpn made by one of the most famous soft drink companies in the United States?  That's right, Coca Cola! When Asa Candler purchased the formula in 1887, he came up with a marketing strategy that forever changed the way several manufacturers promote their products. Below is a brief timeline of important and notable moments in cpn history.

Coupon History Timeline:

  • 1888- Asa Candler gave away “Free” Coca Cola tickets. It is estimated that between 1888-1913 over 8.5 million tickets were were redeemed.
  • 1909- C.W. Post began using 1 cent cpns to start marketing Grape Nuts breakfast cereal.
  • 1930's- Couponing grew in popularity as consumers struggled during the Great Depression.
  • 1940's- Grocery stores began to use cpns to attract consumers away from purchasing at local markets.
  • 1957- Due to rise of cpn use, a company was created that was dedicated entirely for the redemption of cpns, the Nielson Coupon Clearing House.
  • 1965- Half of the familes in the United States were clipping cpns
  • 1990's- The invention of the Internet allowed users to download or print out their cpns
  • 2002- Americans had saved a whopping $3.8 billion by shopping with cpns
  • Today, consumers are now able to access digital cpns directly from their smartphones, allowing a faster and more convenient way to save.

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