New 2013 Chick-fil-a Calender Card – Over 30.00 in Coupons This Year!

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I picked up my new Chick-fil-a calender today and I'm so excited!  It has a card inside for me to download all the coupns to it so no more having to clip them.

The cost of the calender is $6.00 but the January coupn is for a FREE Chick-fil-a sandwich ($5.49 at my store)  and that just about pays for the calender!

Here's a low down on the coupns:

January – FREE Chick-fil-a Chicken Sandwich
February – FREE Large Coke
March – FREE Multigrain Oatmeal or FREE Yogurt Parfait
April – FREE Large Sprite
May – FREE Spicy Chicken Biscuit or FREE Large Waffle Fries
June – FREE Small Hand-Spun Shake
July – FREE Large Diet Coke
August – FREE Chicken Salad Sandwich (can't wait for this one!)
September – FREE Simply Orange or FREE Dasani Bottled Water
October – FREE Cookie Sundae or FREE Brownie Sundae
November – FREE Large Coke Zero
December – FREE 3-ct. Chick-n-Strips

The card is located on the under side of the front cover.  The card MUST BE ACTIVATED before you can use it.  You can activate you card at calender OR call 1-855-285-2321 if you don't have internet access.

The details:
Card valid for only one redemption per month. Offer valid only during specified month. Coupn not valid with any other offer.Card not for sale and limit one card per transaction. This is a promotional card and not a gift card. Closed Sundays. This card may not be accepted at some Chick-fil-a restaurants.

I didn't think to ask if substutions could be made on the free drink coupons (Dr. Pepper instead of Coke etc.) I'll have to call and ask. Anyone know??

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