Oklahoma Pastry Cloth: Dehydrating Veggies

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Mary Beth dehydrated 15 bags of celery into these 3 jars!
One tablespoon = 1 stalk of celery.

Oklahoma in the winter can make most of us wish we had an alternative to freezing food, especially when the electricity is off for several days and our food has thawed out and gone in the trash.  Well, Mary Beth doesn't worry about all that because she cans and dehydrates a lot of her food so it doesn't require refrigeration.

It does take a little work but with all the benefits it's well worth it I'm thinkin'.  She's now in the process of presenting a three part series on dehydrating veggies. Check out her website HERE and see how she dehydrates food with step by step pictures using a dehydrator and a foodsaver sealer (it's easier than you think).

At the beginning of her article she's got a video & some pictures of our Oklahoma ice & hail storm that as she says “will knock your socks” after it gets going.

CLICK this link for her post on dehydrating veggies.

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