The Witching Broom-CQ Princess Party (Eclipse)

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We got a text message with a photo at our Princess Party 12/21/10 that peoples brooms were standing straight up because of the Eclipse so we thought we would try it. I did not have a regular broom, only a broom with an angled bottom so we didn't even think it would work, but it did! We all freaked out and laughed for hours. The broom actually stood up for 15mins! Everyone was tacking pictures with their phones and texting their friends. I have never heard of this before. Now if it would only clean by itself! LOL. This will be one Princess Party we will never forget.

Have you ever had something strange happen to you?

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  1. Hey we tried it too & it totally did the same thing! Now I’m just wondering if the eclipse has anything to do with it or if brooms are always able to do that?? hmmm… lol

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