Tips to protect your child from household poisons!

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Oklahoma Poison Control Center

Every day children are severely injured and killed from improper storage of household chemicals and medicines!  Shannon form the Oklahoma Poison Control Center sent us an easy way to remember some key prevention tips:

Proper Storage – Take an extra minute to put medications, personal care products and poisonous chemicals up above, this step will help to protect the ones you love. Store items up high, out of sight and out of reach.

Out with the trash – Food safety is easy to remember if you practice “when in doubt throw it out.”

In with the child safety locks, they are designed to help safeguard those little tots.

Store products in their original containers, to protect yourself from future danger.

Off to answer the phone or door, take along with you the child you adore.

No time to waste, call right away, 1-800-222-1222, today! (It’s a free and confidential)

Take a few moments today and make sure your home is poison proof.  For more information visit the Oklahoma Poison Control Center.

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