Use Ibotta Without Scanning Receipts!!

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This is awesome! Ibotta is starting a new program that enables you to receive your rebates WITHOUT having to scan your receipts or barcodes! Instead, Ibotta will
work at the checkout with your store's loyalty card.

Right now the only store that is participating is the Piggly Wiggly Midwest stores that is launching the new program today. But more will be added soon 🙂

From my ibotta email:

We'd love if Ibotta would be enabled in every store to work without receipts or barcode scans. Petition your favorite retailer by email and Facebook that you would like to see Ibotta enabled to without receipts. They can email us at

Ok, Homeland & Country Mart shoppers…we need to start a campaign to get this in our stores!

When your store starts participating this is how it will work:

  1. Download the ibotta app and connect it to your store card
  2. Choose your favorite products and coplete tasks from the ibotta list
  3. Head to the store and put the products you've chosen in your cart
  4. Use your store loyalty card at checkout and ibotta will add the savings to your account

Not sure what ibotta is? CLICK this link for info.

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