@Walmart Tests In-Store Self-Checkout With iPhones & Adds More Self Check-Outs

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According to Media Post, Walmart has been testing a new mobile self-checkout  with i-phone with some of their employee's in Rogers , Arkansas. Employees were asked to scan items on the shelf with their phones then go to a special self – checkout lane to pay.We've always complained about the long lines at Walmart and how they never have enough lanes open. Walmart plans to add more self checkout lanes to increase efficiency and labor costs.

Most mobile checkout systems allow you to also pay by phone and receive a digital receipt. At this time, this particular system just allows you to bag your items at the checkout and pay with your regular card, cash or Walmart GC.

Things to think about:

As with any technology, I am sure there will be a trial period of glitches as each Walmart store grows accustomed to this new system. For coupn users I don't see any changes as far as wait time or having this make it any easier for us to shop. Why? If you are using over a certain amount you will still have to have a managers approval. If you are using free product coupns, again you will still need to have someone type in the amount.

I am anxious to see if Walmart will start rolling out with digital coupns that you can use on your phone with this new technology.

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  1. I do not like self checkouts! I am not an employee of theirs why should I check and bag my own things? It also takes jobs away from people.

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