DIY Mason Jar Office Hack with Sugru Mouldable Glue

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“Disclosure: This Mason Jar Office Hack post was sponsored by Sugru. All opinions expressed are my own.”

I have been busy re-organizing my home office. See my simple DIY Mason Jar Office Hack to inspire you in your own home!

Mason Jar Office Hack

Mason Jar Office Hack with Sugru Moldable Glue

I have been having a blast re-organizing my home office and making it peaceful, as well as functional! I wanted everything to have its place, just to keep things easily accessible and lift my mood when I went to work in my office.

Messy rubberbands - Mason Jar Office Hack

Those small office items are always hard to keep track of. This was just one small project for my home office reorganization, but seriously you need a place for all these little things!

It's so frustrating to be looking for a pen or paperclip when you're trying to get a project done on a deadline!

4 Jars - Mason Jar Office Hack

I found these cute 4 oz mason jars and knew I had to use them in my home office.  I preferred not to leave things sitting out on the desk, but wasn't sure where else they were going to go.  Considering I have the colorful office supplies, they are fine to leave out.  But wasn't sure of a good solution.

I found that by using the Sugru Moldable Glue, I can leave these jars out to see AND not have them taking up room on my desk!

4 Jars filled - Mason Jar Office Hack

If you don't have fun and colorful office supplies, be sure to pick some up! They add a little bit of personality to your office space!

Sugru Office Hack Products

If you haven't yet heard of Sugru Moldable Glue, it's family safe and can be used for multiple projects around the house.  I used them for the home office but really your creativity is the limit!  Each pack contains 8 single use packs so you get your money's worth out of each package of glue.

SUGRU Balls- Mason Jar Office Hack

After you open the package you can see how sticky this Moldable Glue is! It is very tacky.  Each pack contains 4 pieces which we the molded into a triangle for our project.

Although you can peel off the glue whenever you want, it's designed to be semi-permanent and hold tight for as long as needed.

Lid with Sugru- Mason Jar Office Hack

I decided to use it to mount the tops of my mason jars to the under-side of my desk.  This was the perfect solution to easily store my small office supplies within reach, but also not have to see them (and bump them) on my desk.

apply lid- Mason Jar Office Hack

The Sugru Mouldable Glue is strong enough I don't have to worry about my jars falling off. You also can't even see the glue when you look directly at the mason jar lids.

3 lids atttached- Mason Jar Office Hack

I can think of several places to use Sugru Moldable Glue in the office. Hanging up a photo, attaching a to-do list to the wall, or really getting anything off the counter/desk space.  See the product information for weight limits, and ideas of where to use this handy glue around the house.

SUGRU Mason Jar Hack finished

What are your ideas for Sugru Glue? If you have tried it, be sure to let us know!

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