Making Handmade soaps? Here’s How To Naturally Color Them

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Soap making is emerging as a new fun craft and hobby these days. It is something you can do from the comfort of your home. While some ingredients can be bought from the market, the others are readily available on your kitchen shelf.

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Today, the soap making world is filled with colors and designs and whatnot. Vibrant colors, layers of sparkle and unimaginable designs that end up looking like a piece of cake. Usually, people add soap colorants to add that tinge of color, but these colorants for soap are artificial and not organic. But what if you want to make a soap that is 100% natural, let us tell you:

How to naturally color handmade soaps

When it comes to adding a natural flush to the soap, a lot of people get confused and use food coloring. Avoid buying pigments or dyes and go for cosmetic herbs. 

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All the herbs are not pigmented, but there are plenty of herbs that have lovely and vibrant colors. With the right herb, you will not only be adding a natural colour to your soap but also the beneficial properties of that particular herb, giving the soap an added advantage.

So, we have established that herbs can be a great option for colorants for soap and you can do it organically and naturally. But do you know how to incorporate it while making the soap? Adding herbs for coloring needs a little prerequisite about the form of the particular herb. Like, the most convenient way to include a herb in the recipe remains in its powdered form. You can simply add the powdered herb in the recipe and voila, natural hue is there. You can also add herbs to vegetable glycerin first to break any chunks present in the powder, and then go ahead with the recipe. Usually, this is not required.

homemade soaps with herbs - colorants for soap

The other type of herbs is the whole herbs such as cinnamon sticks, flowers or leaves. While you can add these herbs as it is in the recipes but in this form they can’t be used for colorants for soap. 

These types of herbs are added in a different form — tea or oil extract. 

If you’re trying to add them in the tea form, just add the herbs in boiling water and create the tea. Now use this tea to dilute your recipe. 

In a situation where you don’t plan to add a water portion, you need to add the color through oil infusion. 

color soap with oils

Start by creating a herb oil by soaking the herbs in any oil for about four to six weeks. You can also add them to a pot with oil. After this, simply filter out the herbs, and your colored oil infusion will be ready.

When it comes to natural coloring the herbs are indeed the lifesavers. But things like Rose clay power, which is all-natural can be used to create a naturally colored melt and pour soap. Not only is it beneficial for the skin, but it will also add the vibrant pink dash of color to your soap. A homemade soap not only turns out beautiful, but it also assures you that you have handpicked the ingredients that you wanted in the soap. Happy soap-coloring!

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