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How to Make a Garden Trellis

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How to Make a Garden Trellis – See our latest outdoor DIY!

How to Make a Garden Trellis

DIY Garden Trellis:

I am so excited about how our backyard garden is coming along. We have completed several bigger DIY projects as well as some maintenance on our Garden Makeover from last year.

The latest project involved putting up a DIY Garden Trellis in one of the raised beds.  It's the perfect spot for taller vegetables and the best part is, it didn't break the bank!

Garden Trellis Posts

Materials and Starting Out:

We first headed to Lowe's for some lumber, washers and screws, and of course the roll of chicken wire.  If you don't have a larger big box store nearby, you can find these at any smaller hardware store.  The chicken wire is here on Amazon.  We used 4×4's for the posts, and a 1 x 4″ for across the top.  Depending upon where you live and if the soil is very moist, you may need to secure the posts like fence posts into the dirt.  We just buried them fairly deep.

Garden Trellis Drill

We were definitely going for a utility garden trellis, so although I think it looks cute, it isn't necessarily decorative. It's pretty plain but it blends in nicely to our simple garden atmosphere.  You can always stain the lumber or pre-treat it with Thompson's Water Seal if you prefer.

Garden Trellis Washers

My husband randomly put in the washers and screws, close enough to hold the chicken wire without it being able to pull away from the trellis too much.  I think ours are about 24″ apart.  The wide washers are necessary to actually hold the chicken wire, since it will come right off the screws.

Garden Trellis Fold Chicken Wire

This project was so easy! We did end up needing a couple zip ties to connect the chicken wire to itself in the center.  If you're worried about  the zip ties showing, they really won't too much.  Cut the extra plastic off and the almost disappear. This entire project took one afternoon and we couldn't be happier.

Garden Trellis Fold Chicken Wire Zip Tie

Here's a close up of the zip ties.   If you cut the excess plastic off, the zip ties are almost invisible against the chicken wire and the fence behind it.  And, soon our plant leaves will be covering several up.  So it worked for us!

The Finished Product:

Garden Trellis Finished

From farther away the finished project looks just as good as those pricey kits you may see at the store or online.  I highly recommend making your own trellis  if you have the tools and a free afternoon.  We have cucumber, zucchini, and squash, which will start picking up in size in the coming weeks. We have a heavy week of rain forecasted, so these little seedlings will appreciate it.

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