PineBerry Refresher Infused Water

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Pineberry Refresher Infused Water

Infused Water for Summer

It's not surprising that with summer weather we can be the least interested in drinking water! And it's the most important to drink water during the summer heat!

With so many sugary drinks available at home and at restaurants, regular water can just seem a bit boring.  It doesn't have to with tasty fruit-infused water made at home.  See my delicious PineBerry Refresher Infused Water recipe below.

I made this infused water with my ZeroWater000 pitcher.  If you aren't yet familiar with ZeroWater000, it removes virtually all of the dissolved solids in your infused water.


Solids in infused water can be a turn off for so many people.  You love the taste but don't love dissolved solids! With ZeroWater000 I can be sure it's pure tasting water, rather than a mix of fruit and water together! 

I am more likely to drink more of it since it's particle-free.  So, we are able to get our proper hydration between the pool, errands, school and more.

Unlike some of the bargain water filtering pitchers, only ZeroWater Leaves 000 Dissolved Solids, For the Purest Tasting Water! This was just the thing to try out some new fruit infused water.

ZeroWater Water Quality Meter

Did you know it's Water Quality Awareness month?  If you have allergens or sensitivities in the family as I do, you know it's important to have good quality water at home. 

If you prefer just to use the water pitcher to keep fresh drinking water in the house, you can always do that!

There's no need to infuse fruit—it will still remove dissolved solids.  And you will end up with great tasting fresh filtered water.  The ZeroWater000 Uses Ion Exchange technology with the goal of being the BEST water you can drink.


For poolside this summer, I had to try out some new berry infused water.  Of course I used my new ZeroWater000 for this recipe.

Don't these strawberries and pineapple look delicious? If you aren't a fan of eating fruit, you can still sneak it into your diet with infused waters.  And of course, it can count towards your much-needed hydration too!

Fruit in Bowl

Make Your PineBerry Refresher Infused Water

I chopped up about 1 cup of pineapple and fresh strawberries on a cutting board.  Of course, you may end up snacking while you're preparing your PineBerry Water!

Fill your ZeroWater000 up per directions with tap water and fruit.

ZeroWater with fruit


You will notice the fruit is on the outside of the filter. So unless you put a nice piece of fruit on the top of your glass for garnish, no fruit or particles will end up in your water glass. For me, this allows me to drink water as fast as needed to quench my thirst! 

Which on hot swim days like we've had, is a must! 

ZeroWater Filled with Fruit

The ZeroWater000 Pitcher also looks attractive enough to leave out as a serving pitcher. The fruit will brighten up the table and have more people trying it (and drinking water)!

This is especially important for smaller kids, who can shy away from drinking water while they are in the pool and can eventually get dehydrated.

ZeroWater Filled with Cup -PineBerry Refresher Infused Water

I paired it with some fun mason jar plastic glasses for poolside.  Of course since the ZeroWater000 Pitcher is plastic and not glass, you don't have to worry about keeping it away from the pool.

PineBerry Refresher Infused Water -pouring water

You can see the filter from this angle, which is discreet and looks like part of the pitcher.  I didn't have to worry about anyone asking if they need to do anything or adjust it, prior to pouring a glass of water.

PineBerry Refresher Infused Water

I hope you can try my PineBerry Infused Refresher!  It worked out beautifully with the ZeroWater000 and with no fuss.  

Thanks for reading, and wishing every a Happy Summer! 

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